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There is a great layout workflow based on Layouts (http://projects.jga.me/layouts/#toc0). Free!


However, I’m use to some of the SizeUp (shareware, $13) application Preferences regarding moving and resizing windows, snap them back and move a window to the next space.


So I decided to make an Alfred workflow just in case you can’t remember a hotkey or even if you prefer to use Alfred.





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I sync my Alfred Preferences in a Dropbox folder. Almost every time I use the workflow (at least 10 times a day) I have a notification that says list_sizeup.scpt has been updated.

Less often, I have the same kind of notification with run_sizeup.scpt. 


I couldn’t reproduce the issue, although the workflow needs an update.


Please, try to delete and reinstall the workflow.

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