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  1. It works for me if I rename "Airmail Beta" to "Airmail". Shouldn't it wokr with an Alias /Symlink?
  2. Hi. I'm also experiencing this issue, and would like to hear what people have done to solve it. In particular, I'm using Airmail Beta. -I have double checked in Mail.app preferences and Airmail Beta IS selected as the default email app. -When in Alfred, if I write "email ju***@domain.com", then a new email is opened correctly in Airmail. But if i select a file, action it and select "email or email to.." then Mail.app is opened and the file attached there. As a sidenote, just in case it helps, I have managed to create a Print-PDF workflow by just adding Airmail to the options, and it correctly attaches a file to a new Airmail message. Thanks!
  3. Hi. Great Workflow! I have two questions: My Mac computer uses EN_US as the default locale, but all my work is done in spanish. Is there anyway I can change the default locale to spanish? Also, does the Workflow supports time? Thank you!
  4. Boom workflow looks like it is exactly what i was looking for! Thank you so much!
  5. Hi, so seeing how a lot of workflows catter to specialized topics and are built on local information (converters, paper sizes, text expanders) I was thinking about building a custom DB of things for Alfred. I normally have to remember/type a lot of information, for example my own ID number, my car license plate, my email address, my home address, etc. which are not related to each other. I have been dealing with this by using the textexpander extension, but have always thought it would be great to have them all in a central location and making it easy to: -Add a hotkey to some entries -Perform an action on some entries -Tag entries...so you could lookup info by this tags. I don't know if this exists...the issue is really the way to add new entries into the DB Ideas?
  6. This is great! Keeping an eye on multiple files to! Thanks1
  7. So I created a very simple workflow from a blank template: Trigger: Hotkey:CMD+SHIFT+V, Action: Pass through to workflow Argument: OSX Clipboard Contents Output: Argument: {clipboard} Check "Automatically paste to frontmost app" Then when I copy anything, pressing cmd+shift+v does the job!
  8. This looks powerful, but I have no idea what to do after I installed it! :-)
  9. This is not working for me either. I was wondering if you did you find a solution?
  10. @Antoniogra7: This is perfect! Can't believe it was this easy...it works exactly as i needed it to, and have set it as my default fallback. Wonderful!
  11. So I checked the iOS dialer, and it allows the following characters: Numerals 0-9 # + * , (pause) ; (wait) And it formats numbers with ( ) - But this are not actually dialed, so they could be sent or stripped from the number Now that I think about it, letter could be allowed to and converted into numbers, to allow dialing word numbers (1800 COLLECT) and so on. ABC 2 DEF 3 GHI 4 JKL 5 MNO 6 PQRS 7 TUV 8 WXYZ 9 Great to see your working on it! Thanks!
  12. Ok, so reply to my own self: I wasn't able to strip the \ backslash before the ( ) parentheses in the {query}, so I created a new variable argumento that gets sent to prowl as the description: argumento=${arg//[\\]/} Also, I modified the notification so it does not show the \. echo "The number \""{query}"\" was successfully sent to your iPhone" The complete code I am using now is: #USER INFO: #You'll need Prowl (http://www.prowlapp.com/) installed on your iphone. Once you've got your account set up, go to https://www.prowlapp.com/api_settings.php to retrieve your API key and enter it here: PROWL_API_KEY=MY-PROWL-API-KEY ========================================================= phoneno=$(echo "{query}" | tr -d ' ') #strip spaces from Phone no. #echo "Query1: {query}" arg="{query}" argumento=${arg//[\\]/} #strip possible non-digit chars phoneno=${arg//[-. '\(\)']/} #Check that we're left with only digits if [[ $phoneno = *[!0-9,+]* ]]; then echo "Sorry, \""{query}"\" is not a valid phone number." exit fi RESULT=$(curl -s -k https://prowl.weks.net/publicapi/add -F apikey=$PROWL_API_KEY -F application="Alfred" -F event="Open to call:" -F description="$argumento" -F url="tel://$phoneno") if [[ "$RESULT" =~ "<success code=\"200\"" ]]; then echo "The number \""{query}"\" was successfully sent to your iPhone" else echo "Oops. There was a problem. Number not sent." fi
  13. Hi Carlos, I was testing your extension and it works wonderfully, except when a number contains parenthesis "(" ")"...then it says it is not valid. I mainly got it working by changing the phoneno replacement to: phoneno=${arg//[-. '\(''\)']/} but I'm still not happy with the results as it includes / symbols after the parenthesis in the {query} statements (both in notification center and in iPhone notifications), so it looks ugly. Can you think of a prettier way?
  14. Hi Carlos, I haven't been able to add new cities...I've even tried deleting and adding them back again with no luck. Is it all working on your side?
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