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  1. It works for me if I rename "Airmail Beta" to "Airmail". Shouldn't it wokr with an Alias /Symlink?
  2. Hi. I'm also experiencing this issue, and would like to hear what people have done to solve it. In particular, I'm using Airmail Beta. -I have double checked in Mail.app preferences and Airmail Beta IS selected as the default email app. -When in Alfred, if I write "email ju***@domain.com", then a new email is opened correctly in Airmail. But if i select a file, action it and select "email or email to.." then Mail.app is opened and the file attached there. As a sidenote, just in case it helps, I have managed to create a Print-PDF workflow by just adding Airmail to the options, and i
  3. Hi. Great Workflow! I have two questions: My Mac computer uses EN_US as the default locale, but all my work is done in spanish. Is there anyway I can change the default locale to spanish? Also, does the Workflow supports time? Thank you!
  4. Boom workflow looks like it is exactly what i was looking for! Thank you so much!
  5. Hi, so seeing how a lot of workflows catter to specialized topics and are built on local information (converters, paper sizes, text expanders) I was thinking about building a custom DB of things for Alfred. I normally have to remember/type a lot of information, for example my own ID number, my car license plate, my email address, my home address, etc. which are not related to each other. I have been dealing with this by using the textexpander extension, but have always thought it would be great to have them all in a central location and making it easy to: -Add a hotkey to some entries
  6. This is great! Keeping an eye on multiple files to! Thanks1
  7. So I created a very simple workflow from a blank template: Trigger: Hotkey:CMD+SHIFT+V, Action: Pass through to workflow Argument: OSX Clipboard Contents Output: Argument: {clipboard} Check "Automatically paste to frontmost app" Then when I copy anything, pressing cmd+shift+v does the job!
  8. This looks powerful, but I have no idea what to do after I installed it! :-)
  9. This is not working for me either. I was wondering if you did you find a solution?
  10. @Antoniogra7: This is perfect! Can't believe it was this easy...it works exactly as i needed it to, and have set it as my default fallback. Wonderful!
  11. So I checked the iOS dialer, and it allows the following characters: Numerals 0-9 # + * , (pause) ; (wait) And it formats numbers with ( ) - But this are not actually dialed, so they could be sent or stripped from the number Now that I think about it, letter could be allowed to and converted into numbers, to allow dialing word numbers (1800 COLLECT) and so on. ABC 2 DEF 3 GHI 4 JKL 5 MNO 6 PQRS 7 TUV 8 WXYZ 9 Great to see your working on it! Thanks!
  12. Ok, so reply to my own self: I wasn't able to strip the \ backslash before the ( ) parentheses in the {query}, so I created a new variable argumento that gets sent to prowl as the description: argumento=${arg//[\\]/} Also, I modified the notification so it does not show the \. echo "The number \""{query}"\" was successfully sent to your iPhone" The complete code I am using now is: #USER INFO: #You'll need Prowl (http://www.prowlapp.com/) installed on your iphone. Once you've got your account set up, go to https://www.prowlapp.com/api_settings.php to retrieve your A
  13. Hi Carlos, I was testing your extension and it works wonderfully, except when a number contains parenthesis "(" ")"...then it says it is not valid. I mainly got it working by changing the phoneno replacement to: phoneno=${arg//[-. '\(''\)']/} but I'm still not happy with the results as it includes / symbols after the parenthesis in the {query} statements (both in notification center and in iPhone notifications), so it looks ugly. Can you think of a prettier way?
  14. Hi Carlos, I haven't been able to add new cities...I've even tried deleting and adding them back again with no luck. Is it all working on your side?
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