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  1. Update. Consider special and bonus rarities (sorted below common). To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.
  2. You missed the biggest one: millions of dollars in VC funding. That’s quite difficult for Alfred to go up against with a two-person team for everything in the business. When you have money to burn, it’s easy to offer features for free despite a big team. That’s not to say you’re wrong on the other points—you’re not—but Alfred’s team has to (more) carefully choose where to invest their time. I agree that’s a hurdle, but it’s not immediately clear how to clear it. It doesn’t help that Raycast themselves misrepresent (or outright lie about; I can’t say) what Alfred can do. I
  3. What exactly does that mean? What action do you want to perform and what result do you expect?
  4. A new version of the app is out, now a Universal build. Thank you to gregschroeder for the pull requests which made it so.
  5. Yes, that’s pretty easy to do but I don’t see the point of adding that to this Workflow when you can just ⌘⇧N and start typing to make a new directory. Adding that to the Workflow wouldn’t save any work.
  6. If you set a uid, your selection will be maintained (and jump around) as the order of results changes.
  7. Nice catch. That’s fixed in the latest version (same URL). Welcome to the forums.
  8. Welcome @Strayer, Please be more specific. Possibly with a screenshot. I had a few ideas but from what I see in the preferences, none of them use the Ctrl key. Without knowing exactly what’s happening, it’s hard to say how to disable it.
  9. You didn’t ask, so I didn’t know you were having an issue. That sounds like you were using the wrong option in the wrong place. You should add the Run Script version at the end of the Workflow. That’s the proper way for it to only check for updates after your action is done. Alternatively, just deleting the open "${HOME}/Downloads/${alfred_workflow_name}.alfredworkflow" line near the end will make it do everything as usual, but it won’t open the Workflow itself. Meaning the user gets a notification that a new version was downloaded but has to manually open it from ~/Downloads at a late
  10. If you’ve been sent here, you asked a variation of the question in the title. Depending on your needs, you may get by with @deanishe’s Firefox Assistant, which works via a custom browser extension. If your requirements are more complex than that, the answer becomes “you can’t do it”. Not without convoluted GUI automation—unreliable and error prone—or building your own complicated solution. If you need your automation more than you like Firefox as your daily driver, your best bet is to switch. Firefox is the sole major browser on macOS that’s incapable of meaningful automation t
  11. I’ve been asked in another setting if I have any plans to compile the PinPlus app for Apple Silicon. Decided to answer here because private questions take a long time to reply to and don’t benefit other people. At present I haven’t decided if that’s going to happen. While I’m on Apple Silicon and originally built the app for myself, I’ve been getting by with the other feature of the Workflow (which opens a new browser windows instead of using the app). Compiling for Apple Silicon will require updating dependencies, then dealing with whatever that breaks (likely a lot, in tr
  12. It uses the ibpaste Keyword to paste the result. But you can add a Hotkey: right click on an empty space → Triggers → Hotkey, then connect it to the Run Script.
  13. There you go, I made it a while ago. It’s a bit thrown together but got the job done the handful of times I needed it. Bear in mind there’s a maximum limit you can copy at once (another idiotic measure). The Workflow will warn you in those cases.
  14. Welcome to the forums, I have toned down the original title, as both it and the top of your post punch down on other Workflow developers who also worked hard on their converters. The Alfred forums aim to foster a respectful community where we try to support each other and have everyone’s Workflows be better. The “best” workflows are subjective. The power of Alfred lies in everyone being able to decide on their own tradeoffs. By requiring users get an API key, your Workflow is already disqualified for plenty of people. While it’s fine to ask for donations, that
  15. No one commented, but was that a Mandalorian reference?
  16. With corrected stats filters, Edge is fourth with barely half a percent.
  17. In this case yes, but only because I wrote the code you copied and I’ve put a lot of work into understanding these AppleScript browser differences. The issue is that Chrome doesn’t understand documents[0]; it would have needed to be windows[0].activeTab. But even I had to look that up from my notes, because Safari has the similar windows[0].currentTab and those aren’t interchangeable.
  18. The comments are turning it in an unproductive direction. You shouldn’t have mentioned Alfred at all, because that’s absolutely irrelevant to the equation and will only complicate things. To be efficient, Stack Overflow questions should distill the problem to their core. Alfred can run whatever is run in a shell so what you care about is if there’s any tool which will allow you to interact with an Apple Remote from the command-line. If there is, it can be called from Alfred; if there isn’t, it can’t.
  19. Your problem isn’t directly Alfred-related. First you need to find out if it’s even possible to have the Apple Remote run arbitrary commands (ask somewhere else more general, like Ask Different). If it is possible, then we can help you make it work in Alfred.
  20. @Sungmyung I see you’re executing JavaScript to grab the URL and title in Google Chrome. There’s no need; Chromium browsers have better AppleScript support than Safari.
  21. I recommend against that code as is. It is unnecessarily large (though it has some extra checks, but most are not needed) and it relies on waiting around and simulating keystrokes, which is in general a bad idea and more prone to errors.
  22. const chrome = Application('Google Chrome') const safari_url = Application('Safari').documents[0].url() chrome.Window({ mode: 'incognito' }).make() chrome.windows[0].activeTab.url = safari_url
  23. Update. Ignore ~/Library/Fonts. To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.
  24. In Post Notification, Title says: “The passed-in {query} will be shown”. However, this is not always the case. When both Title and Text are empty, it does work: the passed-in query shows as the title. But if Title is empty and Text isn’t, no title is shown. However, if one sets Title to {query}, it works again. That almost looks deliberate, but I’m guessing it isn’t. Especially since “The passed-in {query} will be shown” still shows in the case where it doesn’t show. Here’s a reproduction Workflow.
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