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  1. Click the [𝑥] in the top right. You’ll see it on the right of the panel that opens. It doesn’t. It’s not particularly complex, either, it’s just versatile: it has four different sorting methods and can do different things to the files, but in practice you’re only going to use one (that’s what I do). Either rdn or rda, in your case.
  2. Thank you. There’s a typo. You made it “Aout Mac”. Seems like it will only do so for the startup disk, though. Not if one disables the percentage or hides battery information. Plus, it doesn’t show information such as charging state (which may be “on Hold” when Optimised Battery Charging is on). But I don’t want to bother you further, I’ll look into those. Thank you again.
  3. Moving this to “Workflow Help & Questions”. This isn’t related to Alfred Remote (the iOS app) and is unlikely to be built directly into Alfred.
  4. Welcome @Timbo2000, There are already Workflows for that. I made one, which despite being called RecentDownloads works on any directory you choose in the Workflow Environment Variable.
  5. Most likely cause is that Spotlight hasn’t finished its indexing (which Alfred relies on). The first time can take quite a while to complete.
  6. When asking for help with a Workflow, please upload it. We shouldn’t have to manually recreate it from a plist. On the top right of your Run Script, you’ll read “running instances” which will be set to “Sequentially”. Change it to “Concurrently”.
  7. If I saw that out of the corner of my eye I’d think it was a bug on the screen! Agreed it should never get that small. Should that be a setting in the theme builder, somewhere else, or just have a new minimum which isn’t configurable? The third one would be easiest to implement, and I don’t imagine anyone complaining of lack of configuration on that regard. But maybe. Perhaps there’s a fourth option: Make it a checkbox: if off, it doesn’t constrain the size; if on, it constrains it to the fixed amount of (example) a third of the height of a row (according to your theme)
  8. I have one note and two feature requests. Note: You should write “About” in the Placeholder Title of the Script Filter. Why? Here’s the difference when typing “abo”: The difference? The second one has the Placeholder Title. That means that with that feature I’ll be able to type “a” and press ↵ to: Feature Requests: Add battery information and disk space information of the internal hard drive and any connected drives. Example outputs: Title: Root: 663G free Subtitle: 67% of 995G Title: 76% Subtitle: Battery Power, Discharging
  9. I’d say the issue might be the amount of back and forth. There are three Alfred veterans trying to help on this thread (and in your others, there were multiple as well). In general, one of us is enough and the others move on to help someone else or only make a small comment for completeness. But since you continue to argue back (not a criticism), the others will try to further clarify the points already made and fill any gaps, which makes it so you have more people to respond to (while we still only have one each—you). Yes, but to be honest the example answer you gave is
  10. I have a rule for internet communication (honed over a decade of maintaining a popular open-source project): assume good intentions. Unless someone is unambiguously rude, I act as if they were nice. Similarly, I avoid writing when I’m not calm. I know I didn’t intend to be rude—quite the contrary, I was trying to convey “approach these differently”—but rereading I understand it can be taken that way.
  11. I thought we had interacted enough that you’d understand I’m not speaking in bad faith, nor do I have any interest in insulting you. In my view you have positive intentions and are well-meaning, but often lack context. My goal was to bridge the gap between what you’re saying and what has already been said to you. Alas, you took offence with points I find innocuous, so I won’t try to discuss this issue further and risk making it worse. I take no pleasure in annoying people. I will make two points on design, as an individual and a designer, which are my views and don’t necessarily mi
  12. Start by understanding how to accomplish your task in the simplest possible way, and without relying on clicks. For example, if everything can be done with keyboard shortcuts, creative use of Delay Utility and Dispatch Key Combo Output will get you there.
  13. Welcome @rodarmor, Seems like you want to either edit the Search Scope or make a File Filter.
  14. Seems to me that what you’re pointing out is that Apple’s UI isn’t accurate. That “Default web browser” is the same thing. Alfred can follow macOS’ example or deviate from it. Considering this is the first time I recall this being an issue on these forums, it seems that not deviating has worked out fine, and changing that to another option not used anywhere else is opening the door to confusion. You should consider mentioning it to Apple via Feedback Assistant. If they change it, I’d see a bigger argument for Alfred to follow. But I don’t think they will, an
  15. Welcome @mattsim23, There’s no one way to do what you ask; it’s app and action dependent. Even between email clients, it may be different steps or commands for the same action. Some apps will allow you to do it the proper way (programmatically, e.g. with AppleScript), while others will require you fake key presses. As it is, the question is too broad to be answered.
  16. The question mark shortcut was only added in Alfred 4. It’s so convenient, it alone would justify the upgrade.
  17. Then it’d be useful to know which. Just noticed you haven’t posted the exact versions above. Especially if this is caused by a regression in a beta, that is imperative. Alfred’s version should be something like 4.3.1 [1214]. That second number is what matters most. If you download the stable version from the website, does the Workflow run again?
  18. What changed? Did you update macOS or Alfred? Three things immediately jump at me: Do not use Run NSAppleScript. It’s often the case of odd behaviour and almost never the right choice. Instead, use a Run Script with /usr/bin/osascript (AS) as the language. You have Application\\ Support in there. That’s escaping the backslash, not the space (i.e. you have one backslash too many). Better yet, do proper quoting: do shell script "afplay '/Users/daveboyle/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.08DFEAE1-698D-4B9E-900B-4647E46FF74F
  19. Please upload your Workflow somewhere so we can have a look. We don’t know how you’re playing sounds, so for all we know it’s something that changed in macOS and not Alfred, or your code is now invalid. Also, post your exact Alfred version and macOS versions. Without that it’s impossible to debug something that used to work because there’s no definition of when “previously” was. Read the Reporting Problems with Workflows topic, as it gives a nice overview on how to build an effective report.
  20. Welcome to the forums, @cleobis. Unfortunately, the formatting is what makes the Workflow. The calendaring itself is unimpressive—run cal in a Terminal and you’ll see what I mean; parsing that is dead simple and can be done in 5 minutes with way less code (speaking from experience). What made this Workflow interesting was the correct theme-independent formatting. What’s needed is to fix the dependency, not disable it.
  21. Could you give an example? What do you mean by “the arguments dropdown”?
  22. First you’ll need to figure out why. While I understand the frustration, “fails miserably” gives us no information. Is there an error message? If your script acts on the front most app and it works in Script Editor but not Alfred, they may be seeing different front most apps. Start by changing your script to just output the name or path to the front most app and try it again in both places. See if there’s a difference. That will bring you closer to the root of the problem.
  23. That’s exactly what the Queue Delay option in the Run Behaviour section of Script Filters is for.
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