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  1. When I want to switch between apps or launch a new app, ever since I uprgaded to the latest MacOS, the apps open in the background and are not brought into the foreground. Was this reported already? Is there a way to fix this? Thanks
  2. This is helpful, but does anyone know if an existing workflow that will let me convert arbitrary times to UTC? It is helpful when debugging log files.
  3. 1kilobyte = 1000 bytes? Isn't it 1024? Is there a better tool out there for just converting mbps and so forth into other formats?
  4. I am a heavy user of Amazon Web Services. I usually need to stop/start instances as I am developing or hacking at something, and often I need to get the IP address of a server so I can ssh into. So I started a little project that uses python and boto. It is not tested. I don't think you need anything other than the default python. If you're interested, give it a try and let me know if it works. https://github.com/stonefury/aws-alfred Example Usage: Set the region you want to search: ec2 config region=us-west-2 Search for EC2 instances. It will search all properties of the EC2 instance. You can use a single keyword, or multiple keywords to refine the search. The pubic IP address will go into your clipboard. ec2 find killroy running Stop/Start Instances ec2 stop killroy ec2 start killroy
  5. Sure. Using the awscli is actually pretty easy. It requires some manual setup, but otherwise you can just use plain old bash to produce your output in some cases. For example, I have a keyword that given the instance name and region will automatically open an ssh session through iterm, or for those without iterm, generate the ssh string. Basically, I often am wanting the IP address of an instance and hate looking it up or cut'n pasting from the awsui which needs focus have the time to even be able to copy to the clipboard.
  6. I am using pathfinder. When I do "open in finder" I don't want to open the file with the default application. I want to go to the location of that file inside pathfinder. Anyone know how to fix this?
  7. I'm starting to use the aws cli more, and finding myself creating some workflows to make using AWS easier. I have a couple of workflows which are saving me a lot of steps, probably saving me an hour or more of time a day. Anyone aware of any AWS Workflows already out there? Who knows, maybe what I'm starting might turn into one if nobody else has tackled this yet. Thanks
  8. Curious if anyone has seen anything on worksflows for interacting with AWS? For example, listing EC2 instances might be handle. I am often having to lookup public IPs for machines I spin up.
  9. Anyone aware of this problem? Using the alfred "Lock" build-in, you lose your wifi connection. workaround: I'm using Sleep instead, and enabled the password-required-on-sleep in the system preferences to get the same effect tnx
  10. Any update on this? I'm looking for a way to store code snippets easily. Too clunky having to go to preferences.
  11. Does this still work? Trying it out, doesn't appear to work with today's release. tnx.
  12. Thanks for the super clear instructions for getting the pre-release alfred and evernote. This is my most used alfred workflow.
  13. I just want to simple store, delete, and list tasks. Pretty simple. I've been looking for something out there but not having any luck. I think Omnifocus and Wunderlist are waaaaaayyy to expensive for what I'm looking for. Anyone have some suggestions that have an alfred workflow to go with it? tnx
  14. Evernote's web site brings me back to the app store. Where's the alfred pre-release?
  15. Seems to work great! This is an incredible time saver for the mac when you want to diff two text files or code. Thank you!!!
  16. Thanks for the update. I use this workflow all day every day.
  17. Sweet, perfect, first hit on google. Just what I wanted. Thanks.
  18. Cool, thank you. Maybe I will give Chrome another shot. Not a huge fan of Safari though I like some of the features. I found a FireFox plug-in that lets you do ctrl-shift-f and it will jump to the tab with the best match. But I don't know what applescript is capable of, if it could even send anything to firefox to trigger that. If it were even just sending the keystrokes I guess that would be an ugly way to do it. Thanks again!
  19. Sweet, thank you. This is perfect. Finding disk space is a but tedious. In my case I have a 500GB SSD drive so I have to keep tabs on it. Thanks again!
  20. I position my laptop below my larger monitor, so it won't work for this case. Will be easy to fix, just mentioning in case there was a way to better identify the monitor to move the window to.
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