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    Enhorn reacted to fbarros in Last.fm + Alfred = Alfred.fm   
    Here's the link for the new release:
    Mind that now it's more robust since instead of verifying only if the player is running, it also expects it to be playing a song: you can have iTunes and Spotify open, but if Spotify is playing and iTunes is not, the workflow will use Spotify instead of iTunes.
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    Enhorn reacted to altryne in Search, Download and Install mac apps   
    Download and Install mac apps. 

    update 1.1 : There is now a progress window that shows the download
    update 1.2 : Uploaded to Packal
    update 1.3 : Fixed broken link, fixed download URL

    A simple workflow based on the community managed app list at homebrew-cask
    Usage : Install <app-name>
    If the app is in brew-casks directory, workflow will download/extract/mount and install the app.
    *It won't run over your app though, so if you want to update, remove the app first.
    Download (Packal  link : http://www.packal.org/workflow/install-mac-apps)
    As always, feedback is more then welcome, help me test this guys, this took my whole weekend
    Doesn't support pkg. yet, will soon.
    Supports aleoop for updates
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    Enhorn reacted to pstadler in Play — Intelligent global hotkeys for iTunes and Spotify.   
    Control iTunes and Spotify using the same global hotkeys with this Alfred workflow. Play magically knows which player you're currently using and sends the command to the right place.
    Download — stable version.


    The source code is available here: https://github.com/pstadler/alfred-play
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    Enhorn reacted to Ingolmo in Share your code with Pastie   
    Pastie Workflow   Alfred 2 Workflow to create Pasties.   Installation Just download and open Pastie.alfredworkflow!     Usage Just type "pastie" inside Alfred to use the current clipboard content to create a Pastie.     ThanksThanks to sosedoff for his pastie-api gem!   Contribute Don't hesitate to contribute! You can post issues and pull requests on the GitHub repository, or simply give your feedback in this post  . The workflow uses a part of zhaowu's ruby template, which is awesome  . Look at its README before contributing.  
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    Enhorn got a reaction from Tyler Eich in Generating Feedback in Workflows   
    Something I would like is if the icon parameter could take a URL to an image and load it asynchronously.
    Been working on an extension of the spotify workflow and it's search, and have Alfred showing album covers in the results, but would be nice not having to download and store the thumbs before returning the search results to Alfred.
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    Enhorn reacted to rice.shawn in Clean Duplicate AppleScript Dictionaries   
    In another thread (http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/792-alfred-applescript-dictionary-installed-multiple-times/), a solution was posted for a problem in which AppleScript dictionaries would have multiple entries. These duplicates don't have any effect on your system, and removing them doesn't either.
    Here you go: https://github.com/shawnrice/alfred2-workflow-remove-dup-applescript-dicts/raw/master/Clean%20AS%20Dictionaries.alfredworkflow
    There's just one command: "clean dict"
    Github repo: https://github.com/shawnrice/alfred2-workflow-remove-dup-applescript-dicts
    (Now with Alleyoop support).
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    Enhorn reacted to bpinto in Hatmaker: Workflows Installer & Updater   
    Version 1.3 released!
    Release Notes:
    - When installing or checking the outdated workflows, if you hold option key and press enter, you will be redirected to the workflow homepage instead.
    - Fixes:
      - Handling broken workflows that would cause hatmaker to crash.
      - Fix on hatmakers paths.
    Special thanks to mannerisms, mkelement0, enhorn for their help and ideas.
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    Enhorn reacted to JBR in Last.fm scrobbling from iTunes Mini Player   
    If you add Last.fm scrobbling to the iTunes Mini Player, I wouldn't need to run a third app such as Coversutra or Bowtie, which otherwise provide the same controls as Alfred's Mini Player. This would help Alfred take over my computer.
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    Enhorn reacted to garciamax in image2base64   
    This workflow will convert selected image to base64 string and copy to clipboard in css friendly format(with 'data:image/{file extension};base64' prefix).

    Download | Github
    I will be happy to hear feedback and improvement suggestions.
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    Enhorn got a reaction from 2b3f6b6b in Rename 4.0 beta 2 for Alfred 3: Batch Rename files or folders (supports Regular Expression and EXIF date)   
    This looks amazing and almost to good to be true, but the download link doesn't work for me. :-(
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    Enhorn reacted to Carlos-Sz in Rename 4.0 beta 2 for Alfred 3: Batch Rename files or folders (supports Regular Expression and EXIF date)   
    Rename a file or a folder selected in Finder or in Alfred Batch rename files or folders using Regular Expression Add additional steps such as find and replace, remove space, remove diacriticals, capitalize, add current date, file modified date, custom number sequence, EXIF original date etc. Quick look to preview all the new names Recent Expressions Presets, including default ones ready to be used Triggering
    keywords ren or regex - main workflow keyword keywords ren? or regex? - read about the workflow Hotkey - show Alfred with the keyword ren Hotkey - use the last expression with no interaction File Action - rename files or folders selected in Alfred file browser How to Use

    Rename Only

    You can use the workflow to rename a single file without using a regular expression, like in Finder:
    Select a single file in the Finder (or in Alfred file browser) Type the keyword ren Type the new filename e.g. new name.txt You can optionally use modifiers and filename additions (see below).

    Rename with Regular Expression

    Here is a command line with all features, including the optional ones, as explained below:
    regular expression@new filename $d-$m-$y ###[1]{find@@replace}{-modifiers} Step by step:

    (1) Type the regular expression to group elements of the previous filename:
    ^([ˆ ]+) (.*)\.(.*) The workflow will group using $1, $2, $3 and so on. Later you can use them to build a new filename.

    (2) When the regular expression is finished type then an at sign at the end:
    ^([ˆ ]+) (.*)\.(.*)@ (3) After the at sign type the new filename (here you can use the groups formed in the first step):
    ^([ˆ ]+) (.*)\.(.*)@$1.$3 (4) Optionally add current date or any other filename constants (read below about them):
    ^([ˆ ]+) (.*)\.(.*)@$1 $d-$m-$y.$3 (5) Optionally add a custom sequence of numbers e.g. with two leading zeros starting at one (read how to build a custom sequence below):
    ^([ˆ ]+) (.*)\.(.*)@$1 $d-$m-$y ##[1].$3 (6) Optionally find and replace characters in the original filename utilizing the syntax {find@@replace}:
    ^([ˆ ]+) (.*)\.(.*)@$1 $d-$m-$y ##[1].$3{_@@-} (7) Optionally utilize one of the modifiers (read about them below) to e.g. set all letters to lowercase:
    ^([ˆ ]+) (.*)\.(.*)@$1 $d-$m-$y ##[1].$3{_@@-}{-l} Note that it is important to keep the modifiers at the very end of the command and enclosed by {}, using or not find and replace.

    If all you need is a simple find and replace you can use the following simplified command:
    find@@replace{-modifiers} Whether using the regular expression or only the simple find and replace you can always preview the new filenames pressing SHIFT key:

    -d to remove diacriticals -s to remove space -c to Capitalize Name -t to Title name -u to UPPERCASE -l to lowercase -_ to replace underscore to space -b to replace space to underscore Use one or more at the very end of the command enclosed by {}, for example:
    (.*)\.(.*)@$1.$2{-s-u} -@@_{-u} New Filename Constants

    You can add the following constants to the new filename:

    Current Date
    $d = day e.g. 02 $m = month e.g. 04 $mm = month e.g. April $y = year e.g. 2013 $h = hour e.g. 02 $n = minutes e.g. 54 $s = seconds e.g. 30 Date Created
    $cd = day e.g. 02 $cm = month e.g. 04 $cmm = month e.g. April $cy = year e.g. 2013 $ch = hour e.g. 02 $cn = minutes e.g. 54 $cs = seconds e.g. 30 Date Modified
    $mod = day e.g. 02 $mom = month e.g. 04 $momm = month e.g. April $moy = year e.g. 2013 $moh = hour e.g. 02 $mon = minutes e.g. 54 $mos = seconds e.g. 30 EXIF Original Date

    This is the date and time when the image was originally captured by the camera.
    $ed = day e.g. 02 $em = month e.g. 04 $emm = month e.g. April $ey = year e.g. 2013 $eh = hour e.g. 02 $en = minutes e.g. 54 $es = seconds e.g. 30 Image Dimensions
    $iw = width in pixels $ih = height in pixels Sequence

    You can add a number sequence to the new filename by utilizing # (each one represents a leading zero) followed by the start number enclosed in brackets e.g. ###[1] which means 3 leading zeros starting at 1.

    Create New Folder and Move Files

    You can also use the regular expression to create a new folder and move the file(s) there.

    Utilize a forward slash ("/") before the new name:
    (.*)@$m-$y/file.png A new folder will be created based on current month ($m) and year ($y) and the file will be renamed and moved to there.

    Recent Expressions and Presets

    To make things faster the workflow:
    Display the last used expression In Recent Expressions there are a list of the last 40 used expressions; note that you can alo use a shortcut to access them: just type a single at sign (@) In Presets there are some ready to use expressions a long with the user favorites ones; note that you can alo use a shortcut to access them: just type a single hash sign (#)

    The workflow saves the last used regular expression in the main workflow menu, a list of recent regular expressions and a list of Presets.

    To add a Recent expression to Presets just type a plus symbol followed by the preset name: +For My Videos

    While in Presets just type a minus symbol “-“ to remove from Presets.
    Download Version 4.0 beta 2
    A new beta of the workflow that fixes some Mac OSX High Sierra bugs I have found.
    Please note: Use it with caution. Make some tests first. Backup your files before using the workflow.
    Release date 19 Feb 2018 OSX 10.13.3 Alfred 3 Download Now

    Download Version 4.0 beta 1
    Release date 09 Jun 2016 OSX 10.11.5 Alfred 3 Download Now  
    Rename for Alfred 2
    Release date 25 Aug 2014 OSX 10.9.2 Alfred 2.4 or later is required Download Now What's new?
    4.0 Alfred 3 support 3.2 Yosemite support Changed workflow name to only Rename EXIF Original Date (to use as a filename constant) Up to 10 times faster to process and even faster to rename Included the keyword ren as an alternative to the regex Recent Expressions shortcut: type a single @ Presets shortcut: type a single # New Picture Preset Improved Last Used feature UI refinements, including new icons New Help Filename case procedure improved Fixed second leading zero constant Workflow version history here.
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    Enhorn reacted to citelao in Spotifious: a natural Spotify controller for Alfred   
    a natural Spotify controller for Alfred

    So, you’ve heard of Spotifious, eh? A natural Spotify controller for Alfred? Searchs Spotify, controls your music, generally rocks?
    It’s built off a lot of other people’s work— PHPFunk and David Ferguson especially— and tries to match the functionality of Alfred’s integrated iTunes player. It’s not perfect, but it does the job. And I think it’s pretty cool.
    A quick rundown of its coolness:
    A controller, not a workflow
    Spotifious just feels fun to use, like a real plugin for Alfred, not a workflow. It can do in-depth, playlist-scouring searches and gives you useful information even if something goes wrong.

    Not unlike the iTunes Mini Player.

    Spotifious is also especially Alfred-like. Just start typing to scour Spotify’s servers for music. Browse through artists and albums and playlists like nobody’s business and drill down through Queen’s huge anthologies with a snappy context-based search.
    Spotifious uses Packal to make sure you always have the latest version. It gives you a heads-up about what’s going on with Spotify the moment you start it. And don’t worry about errors— we’ll handle those.
    Download & Install
    Latest version: v0.13.9 | Latest dev build: v0.13.9
    Detailed instructions available on the plugin site.
    Download this repository. (Source) Open dist/spotifious.alfredworkflow by double-clicking it or dragging it into Alfred. Bind the hotkey to ^⌘⏎. Activate the plugin with your new hotkey, and follow the short (three step) setup process. Continue on with your merry day. How to Use
    So let's assume you've downloaded and installed the workflow. Now what?
    Press ^⌘⏎ Good! You should briefly see a loading entry, then the main menu:

    You can action the song title (press ⏎) to play or pause the song, action the album or artist to search for that album or artist, or just start typing to search for cool music.

    Once you’ve searched for something, you can continue to browse albums and arists through Spotifious. Actioning an artist will bring up a list of their albums, and actioning an album will bring up the track list.
    Note: You can always leave a menu and go back just by pressing ⌫.

    Development & Acknowledgements

    A lot of people helped out on this:
    vdesabou and I trade ideas a ton PHPfunk and his PHP Alfred workflow inspired much of OhAlfred David Ferguson helped with some iffy Alfred glitches a slightly modified version of Entypo icon font face for icons. and many other people mentioned in the code. Thanks to everyone who helped, and thanks to everyone who uses my work! Oh, and thanks for reading this whole README. I hope you enjoy Spotifious!

    This is a personal project. I host it on Github. It is MIT licensed, except for the icons, which are owned by Spotify and Entypo. Be cool.
    Another download link for your convenience: latest (source)
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    Enhorn reacted to xhinking in StackOverflow workflow   
    Fast serach on stackoverflow

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    Enhorn reacted to fmcypriano in Urban Dictionary Search   
    My first workflow (and my first time playing with Python). It searches definitions of words in Urban Dictionary:

    Download it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/edrab4lyzi5gorj/Urban%20Dictionary.alfredworkflow
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    Enhorn reacted to isometry in SSH with smart hostname autocompletion   
    This one has been at the top of my Alfred wishlist since I downloaded my first Alfred v0.whatever beta: a workflow to open an ssh session (using the default ssh: protocol handler) with "smart" hostname autocompletion (based on ~/.ssh/config, ~/.ssh/known_hosts, /etc/hosts, Bonjour or any file containing the names of hosts you need to connect to).
    Comments and suggestions welcome.
    Download v1.3 for Alfred 2
    Download v2.0 for Alfred 3
    Source and Issue Tracker on github
    2013-03-14 00:00, v0.4: rudimentary fuzzy matching, to pull entries from /etc/hosts as well as ~/.ssh/known_hosts, and to deal with usernames properly.
    2013-03-14 09:00, v0.5: smart host matching.
    2013-03-14 22:45, v0.6: ~/.ssh/config and Bonjour discovery (including full BTMM support), and improved error handling.
    2013-03-14 23:00, v0.61: explicitly removed 'broadcasthost' from the list of possible matches.
    2013-03-15 00:30, v0.7: match '.' as '.'
    2013-03-16 10:45, v0.8: refactored code and add tab autocompletion.
    2013-03-16 13:30, v0.9: oops - the last update broke the workflow if you didn't have pybonjour installed; fixed. Continued refactoring: now using nikipore's alfred-python module.
    2013-03-16 14:15, v0.10: further refactoring to break core functionality out into a dedicated module (enabling module compilation). Combined with caching of file parsing results this should deliver significantly enhanced performance (not that it was slow before).
    2013-03-16 23:00, v1.0: complete refactoring and move release to github. New feature: display the source(s) of each suggested completion. This ought to be the last update for a while.
    2013-03-16 08:40, v1.1: fixed breakage when either of ~/.ssh/config or ~/.ssh/known_hosts didn't exist.
    2016-06-02 21:00, v1.3: fixed path to Alfred cache (thanks @okapi!).
    2016-10-07 12:30, v2.0: The Alfred 3 Release (including removal of built-in sources and addition of custom sources)
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    Enhorn reacted to pstadler in Mount network shares with automatic discovery   
    This is a workflow to mount your network shares with automatic discovery. No configuration or bookmarks required!
    Download — stable version. Please report problems here. Your computer won't explode and your shares are safe, I promise.

    Make sure that both, Apple Filing Protocol (afp) and Samba (short smb, QNAP calls it "Microsoft Network") are enabled on your NAS. Due to the nature of the protocols and the available tools on OSX, both of them are required in order to disover network shares in your network. Also note that already mounted shares are not listed in Alfred. Enable guest access to the NAS, not for a specific share, but for the system in general if things don't work.
    The source code is available here: https://github.com/pstadler/alfred-mount
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    Enhorn reacted to Vero in AlfPT - Alfred Package Tools (Workflow Installer/Updater)   
    Hi Shawn, that's exactly what I'm going to do. To save everyone having to read through the whole thread, I'll update the first post and reiterate, then lock this thread so this post is last.
    AlfPT was a wonderful idea by an Alfred user, Tom Hunt, to create a way for workflows to be updated and gathered in one place. However, Tom has decided to take the project offline (due to school/work commitments and the bandwidth requirements of that project). As such, documentation in this thread is now outdated.
    Here's what's coming soon:
    - Other users are working on their own repositories for workflows
    - We are working on an official v2 Extras site, which will include curated workflows (which we've tested and checked) and themes
    We'll also be publishing a few blog posts with our favourite and your favourite workflows very soon, so keep an eye on the blog for the links to the above!
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    Enhorn reacted to rice.shawn in AlfPT - Alfred Package Tools (Workflow Installer/Updater)   
    @tomhunt or any admin:
    Can we update the first post in this thread to say that the original resources outlined were for a pilot project that does not exist anymore and that the idea has been taken up and a more stable version is in production, thus, don't download the original extension or tell us that it doesn't work?
    It seems like a note on the top of this thread would be good (or even locking it or something) so that users new to the forum won't keep installing this workflow.
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    Enhorn reacted to nitrammit in Blastoff - Launch New Projects   
    I'm tinkering with workflows and I've created a very simple one for launching projects using the following repos on GitHub:
    - HTML5 Boilerplate
    - WordPress
    - Laravel 3
    - Laravel 4
    - CodeIgniter
    This workflow very simply pulls in the latest version from GitHub and drops it into a folder on your desktop. The Laravel 4 command also runs composer install.
    All you need to do is punch in the correct command followed by the folder name you want to use. Examples:
    - html NewHTML5Project
    - wp NewWordPressProject
    - l4 NewLaravel4Project
    - l3 NewLaravel3Project
    - ci NewCodeIgniterProject
    Download - http://cl.ly/2O3V0D1P3S2s
    How could we improve this?
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    Enhorn reacted to targumanu in Manage login items from Alfred   
    Here's a simple workflow for managing your login items.
    The file action allows you to add an application that is currently selected in Alfred to your login items.
    The script filter allows you to list all your login items in Alfred's window and remove the selected one.
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    Enhorn reacted to rosenkrieger in Dropbox Toggler   
    Made for a friend, but maybe someone else has use for it.
    Turns Dropbox on/off
    A new Version was just released:
    Gives you dropbox and googledrive toggle options
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    Enhorn reacted to vossi__ in Run Software Update   
    This workflow is just a more convenient way to start a search for Software Updates.
    There're no scripts that need your root password or anything else!
    The functionality is that it will open the MAS and opens the system update tab
    I hope you've usage for it
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    Enhorn reacted to Benzi in View amazing facts in Alfred (powered by mental_floss)   
    This little workflow pulls up facts from the Amazing Facts section out at mental_floss.com and displays them in Large Type mode.
    Its available here for download.
    Type fact into Alfred

    And see a random fact appear on your screen:

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    Enhorn reacted to lucifr in Site Search   
    For those who use site:domain.com keyword a lot on Google, allow me to present you the Site Search Workflow for Alfred 2.

    How to Use

    If you have Alfred 2 installed and the Powerpack enabled, download and install this workflow. Then use the keyword "site" and follow the pattern below to search a website on Google:

    site domain.com keyword

    For example, if you want to search lucifr.com for alfred, just type “site lucifr.com alfred” and the results will be showed in a drill-down list in Alfred.

    More, open a result with shift key pressed, the URL of your choice will be copied to clipboard.

    Notice: A free Google Custom Search API is used in this workflow. Due to Google’s limitation, the max request is 100 per day. Since there might be too many request, you might want to acquire your own API and replace the $key value in the Script Filter part of this workflow.
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    Enhorn reacted to matias in Alfred 2 Workflow: Repair LaunchServices   
    Do you have duplicate items under the Finder Open With menu? If so, repairing the Launch Services register usually helps.
    This can be done by running a command in Terminal, or with this workflow which does exactly the same thing.
    Download here: http://randomerrata.com/post/45404465078/repair-launchservices
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