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Simple workflow to go to subreddit you specify

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Alfred Go To Subreddit


Reddit is a big place and has many communities. This workflow will simply let you jump to a subreddit you specify. I believe Spotlight has this feature with typing 'r/subreddit' so this is alfred version of that.




The download of the workflow and some more information on it can be found on GitHub.

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I disagree @deanishe’s Workflow is slow. It may be slower than this one, but even then I’d take some issue with that characterisation. This workflow is fast because it’s a simple shortcut to a URL. All it does is take whatever string you give it, even if it’s complete gibberish, and tries to open it as a subreddit. There’s nothing wrong with that, but @deanishe’s Workflow wouldn’t let your visit a non-existent subreddit, because it checks what you type. That has clear benefits, among them disambiguation between subreddits with similar names. Also, you can browse the subreddit itself without leaving the Workflow, and if that is useful to you, this thread’s Worklfow cannot help you.


The issue isn’t that the other Workflow is slow, but that the convenience it provides needs to have a cost. That Workflow needs to perform operations that do not depend on itself alone, but also on the quality of your network.


This Workflow is blazing fast because it does not depend on anything, but it also does almost nothing.


Different tradeoffs for different needs. Both are perfectly valid and serve a particular type of use. Take your pick.

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Moved all my workflows to proper semantic versioning. And updated every single one to include a keyword + placeholder trigger. 


This update also adds few modifier jumps so you can not only go to subreddit but go to subreddit and filter by new, go to top of all of that sub and few more. 


I use subtext to show what modifiers mean. Here is how that looks : 




Can grab an update from GitHub.


I really wish @deanishe workflow had such modifier support too.


That would actually make it 100 % more awesome and exploring reddit and staying on top of things would be super easy. I hope @deanishe will consider adding it.


Especially because, the best thing about discovering a new subreddit, is seeing its top of all time posts.


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