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Leo Translate Workflow - Timeout occured

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Hey guys,


one of the best workflows ever imho is the leo workflow which translates several languages and gives inline response...

Since yesterday i get a Timeout occured error...


Workflow is created by: Bastian Ohmer (https://github.com/psistorm/alfredapp)


On github you can read:


Dear Leo Dictionary Workflow users,

Today (2017-03-17 09:52) I received a polite e-mail from the company that runs Leo Dictionary asking me to remove all occurrences of this workflow as it does violate their terms of usage. They need the money generated from ads to run their free business and by providing this tool you won't generate any clicks and hits.

They still allowed the private usage of the tool (so if you have it, keep it), but I may not publicly provide the tool any further.





So my guess is, that leo.org now completely blocked the calls, since it was still working for me even after this message in march.


Anyone the same issues?


Thanks in advance and regards,


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@POR7O Yes, it's likely they've either blocked or changed their API and the workflow can no longer connect to it.


While the creator of the workflow can no longer distribute it, you can always take a look at their terms to see whether you can personally update it for your private use.


Having said that, it might make sense for users who are keen to use good translation workflows to put their heads together and find a new source for the translations! :)



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@harlock Please fill in your Powerpack email address in your forum profile. This is only visible to admins, and allows us to confirm your Powerpack user status.



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