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Working on a Facebook workflow... suggestions welcome!!

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I've managed various Facebook pages over the years (currently 3), and lately I've been wishing more and more to do some of that management via Alfred. This week I started hacking on it a bit, but I decided to work on a personal Facebook workflow first to get the feel for working with the Graph API, and then moving on to one for page management.


I wanted to post about it here, just to see (a) if there was much interest in it besides for my own usage, (b) if so, what Facebooky things do you wish you could do via Alfred, either personal or page related?


What's working now or will be shortly...

  • Login to Facebook app.
  • A regular (text) post to Timeline
  • Link post to Timeline.
  • Photo post to Timeline
  • Post video to Timeline
  • Upload photo to album
  • Upload new video
  • File action to upload photo to Timeline.
  • File action to create new album with multiple photos.


Other ideas I've had...

  • List last items I posted (posts, photos, videos) and open in browser.
  • List my groups and open selection in browser.
  • List my events and open selection in browser.
  • List my friend lists and open selected list in browser.
  • Search, narrowed by any of the above items.


If anyone has ideas/suggestions about the best way to organize the different items below for easy access in a workflow, I'm all ears as well—there's a lot of options here, and I want to make sure it's as easy as possible to use quickly!


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Does the API enable us to mark events as "going" or "interested"? If so you could build the workflow to list all events that we are invited and we could conveniently use Alfred modifier keys to confirm, decline or show our interest on them. Otherwise the default use case would be better (I'm considering that replying to an event includes mark them as "going" or "interested", is this right?).

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@xilopaint  I was hoping that was the case too, but no dice. All you can do is get a list of events. You can, however, choose which events you want to list, one of the following: attending, created, declined, maybe, not_replied.


@Florian  I really wish the forum ran on Discourse, because I'm so used to it from other tech spaces (and Markdown!!!). But I have managed to figure out, there's a "Follow" button, top right, above the "Reply to this topic" button.

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