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Thanks, lmartins! 


ctwise, thanks for your suggestion, I tried it out but am in the same camp as lmartins. I like to be able to review the reminder to make sure it parsed it correctly and to set some options like alerts and such. Good to know for other scripts though.



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If you use TaskPaper, you may want to substitute the Applescript in this workflow with the one here: http://www.hogbaysoftware.com/wiki/ParseClipboardInFantastical , which converts a TaskPaper @due(YYYY-MM-DD) tag to the text


which Fantastical will parse as a Reminder.
Updated 2015-03-25: Change Fantastical to Fantastical 2 & it works perfectly with F2.
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What's to update? This workflow consists of a 3 line Applescript:

tell application "Fantastical"
		parse sentence q
	end tell

All the real work is done in Fantastical.  And the parse command is the only Applescript command for Fantastical, so there's no exposed functionality that isn't being taken advantage of by the workflow as it is.

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Any chance to update this for Fantastical 3?

Previously this workflow was perfect.

Unfortunately with Fantastical 3 it now pops up the fantastical app window
every time which largely defeats the purpose (it's slow, has to be manually


I only use Alfred as an app launcher and to

add calendar items so this kills 50% of its value for me. :,(

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I added the following script and it keeps crashing Fantastical 3 - has anyone used this successfully? Any need to modify specifically for Fantastical 3?

on alfred_script(q)
  tell application "Fantastical"
    parse sentence q with add immediately
  end tell
end alfred_script


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