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14 hours ago, Acidham said:




Tested and it seems like it works to use and connect with. However, once connected i cannot disconnect using the same command.

And when i run 'airpd' while connected it says 'Airpods pro are NOT connected' even though they are.



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June 2023, is this still working for everyone? It seems if my AirPods pro (2nd gen) are connected to my phone and i want to switch to MacBook air it does not work and i have to manually go into bluetooth setting still....just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this 

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Posted (edited)

Hey, @Acidham.


First, thank you for making this workflow. I have submitted pull requests to this workflow and have been a daily user of it since then. I wonder how it performs recently for you because I have issues where it is slow or just straight up doesn't connect/disconnect. 


I added some debug info in the con_manager.py script and found out that the problem is probably the 'os.popen()' lines. They do not give an error, but they don't seem to do anything. If I pass on the f'{blueutil} --connect {adr}' command to a Terminal Command object, things would work, actually work a lot better. It usually takes about 5-6 seconds to connect to my AirPods, but in this fashion it takes 2 seconds, tops. 



import os
import shutil
import sys

from Alfred3 import Tools

query = Tools.getArgv(1)
adr, switch = tuple(query.split(";"))

blueutil = shutil.which('blueutil')

if blueutil:
    if switch == "disconnected":
        cmd = f'{blueutil} --connect {adr}'
        # os.popen(cmd)
        cmd = f'{blueutil} --disconnect {adr}'
        # os.popen(cmd)




Does anyone have an insight into why Python's 'os.popen()' is much slower and could stop working? 


I have tried to pass the "/opt/homebrew/bin/blueutil --disconnect AA:AA:AA:AA:AA:AA"-like command into a Run Script object like this:




Except it did not work. So I chose the Terminal Command object. I would like to know why that happens too…


Also, I wonder what the --wait-disconnect option in your script intended to do?

I'm using macOS 14.5, Alfred 5.5 [2257], AirPods Pro (2nd gen with USB-C case), blueutil 2.10.0.

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