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[Suggestion] Set ⌘-⇧-/ to open alfredapp.com/help/

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12 hours ago, Andrew said:

I don't see that popup with the ⌘⇧/ combo, is there anything specific you're doing to get it?


I show Alfred and hit the keyboard combo. That's it... is there a way to see an inventory of all of the keyboard shortcuts that are set within Alfred?


12 hours ago, Andrew said:

Also, did you know that Alfred has a built in ? keyword to search both the preferences, and Alfred's help site?


Yes! So maybe it's just a matter of connecting that keyboard shortcut (if we can figure out where it's set) to type `?` into Alfred?

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@Chris Messina if I show Alfred and type ⌘⇧/, I don't get anything on Mojave, or Big Sur. This shortcut is the standard macOS shortcut to highlight Help menu search field, Alfred doesn't have a menu. Do you have any other apps installed which could be causing this to occur in Alfred?


As for getting a list of keywords, you can type ?keywords into Alfred, likewise, use ?hotkeys to see all hotkeys.

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5 hours ago, vitor said:

This sounds like the shortcut set in System Preferences → Keyboard → Shortcuts → App Shortcuts → All Applications → Show Help menu.


Right, that would make sense, but it's not active:


I have remapped my caps lock key to activate Alfred using Karibiner Elements... here's what I'm seeing:




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53 minutes ago, vitor said:

You need to find out what it is before anything can be done about it in Alfred (if it’s worth doing at all).


Yeah, probably not worth digging in any more if it's something weird about my setup. Not sure how it got set, which is why I reported it in the first place. It's only worth addressing if it's something that other people might experience too.

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