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Wow everyone, this release is hugely impressive. This must have been a tremendous amount of work. Apologies @vitor for jumping the gun on the View Notes workflow thread. So grateful to have all this hard work at my fingertips day in and day out. It is hard to believe you aren't a team of 10 people.


I do have a very important question though. How legendary does our support need to be to get an Alfred Bowler in the mail so we can look like John Bonham in the 70s?



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@sepulchra were you able to import your Legendary license into Alfred?


@Andrew Great idea to nudge for the Legendary+ status on upgrade! ❤️

I had no idea it existed!!


I got an email that says


Copy and paste your license details above to the Alfred Powerpack preferences. If you are missing the Powerpack tab in the preferences, you are using the Mac App Store version; Click the Download link above for the latest version.


However, I don't see any option to do so in the UI. I'm afraid of clicking on the "Deactivate Powerpack" button 🙈.


(I know this doesn't change any functionality, but would be nice to see the new license in the UI. Also, just for kicks, I'm curious whether it looks any different (like green battery instead of blue 🤷🏻‍♂️))


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@sepulchra No license will have been issued in your case, as you upgraded from Legendary to Legendary+, and therefore already have a Legendary license at hand.


Users going from Mega Supporter to Legendary, as is the scenario for @Mr Pennyworth, will receive a new license as it allows them to activate with the Legendary license, reflecting their shiny new status in the preferences!


We're humbled that the community asked us to create this additional way to support Alfred; This really is the nicest corner of the internet :) 

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