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Track Parcels and Packages with Parcel App Workflow

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If your like me and have to check lots of tracking numbers your love this workflow.


Your can download Parcel workflow from here




I would like to thank Ivan the developer of Parcel for letting me beta test the OS X app (Mac App Store - Free) it works really well and syncs with iOS (iOS App Store - Free Universal).


To track a tracking ID just type Parcel or Track then add your tracking ID. It will open Parcel.app with a new window with the tracking ID. 


You can still use this workflow if you don't have parcel open as once you have centred the ID parcel will open.


I plan to update the workflow with a open to add description from Alfred once I have worked out how.


Once the tracking ID has been added to Parcel you will receive a notification.

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I put a workflow together for this app.


Download it here


Basically you just use a keyword to input the tracking number and Alfred will open Parcel and add it (can't bypass Parcel confirmation, but it does make it faster). I always add a description in Alfred because it's quicker. Use : to separate the description from the tracking number.
It's hacked together in python.
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