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RPN calculator

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A simple RPN calculator that works like the built-in calculator.  Requires spaces as delimiters between elements in the expression.  Built using deanishe's Alfred python library.




19 2.14 + 4.5 2 4.3 / - *


produces an Alfred result:



Action this item to copy this number to the clipboard


There is a single keyword:




Download link: 


https://www.dropbox.com/s/9ay1z2mubifcun6/RPN Calculator.alfredworkflow?dl=0


2018-07-10: updated with working link

2020-07-26 updated with latest version of deanishe's Alfred python library.

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@dfay Thank you, thank you! I am in your debt. I literally upgraded Alfred just for this.  


When I'm on Slack and need to complete a sentence like "we frobnicated 6,122,849 doodads between 8:28 and 12:49, a rate of one million every..."  – which seems to be a lot of my life the past few weeks – there is nothing so useful as a good RPN calculator, and none so close to hand and fast to use as yours. Thank you.

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