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UploadFile — Upload files and directories for easy sharing


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Upload to a myriad of file hosts directly from Alfred.

Pick paths to upload via the Upload file File Action. Directories and multiple paths will be zipped prior to upload.


You can check your upload progress with ufp.


It will auto-refresh the progress. Press ⌘↵ to cancel the transfer.

You’ll get notifications of the various phases, with a sound when it’s complete (or canceled). The download URL will be copied to your clipboard.

You can change the upload host in the upload_file_to Workflow Environment Variable. Supported hosts are: 0x0.st, bayfiles.com, anonfile.com, megaupload.is, and forumfiles.com.


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What I really would like is an option to upload the file/folder as an encrypted zip file with a randomly generated password and user chosen archive name and to have the password and URL be copied to the clipboard :)


If your data is so sensitive you need an encrypted file, don’t upload it to a third party service; simple as that. If you want to pick the archive’s name, that’s an extra step requiring user intervention. If you copy the archive’s password to the clipboard, you lose the archive’s link on the clipboard — yet another step. Every single one of those options is a bad experience. I built this because I wanted a quick way to upload files fast without having to think too much about it: tell it to upload, be informed when it’s done, paste the link; that’s it.

To achieve what you want, the workflow would have to become radically different, and worse in all the metrics I care about, so I definitely won’t work on implementing those. The code is dedicated to the public domain, though, so anyone is absolutely free to fork and change a copy of it however they want.

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Hi Vitor. Thanks for this flow. Is it possible to make a keyword for this so it will interact with finder/os x just like the hotkey option? I've messed around with it but i can't seem to make the keyword option to work as it doesn't pass the selected argument to the flow when doing this :)


The reason i want this is because i can't remember all the hotkeys i've set currently so i don't need more of this haha 



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This doesn’t use any special hotkey. It uses the same hotkey as every other Alfred file action. It also has other good Alfred integrations like allowing you to navigate there with Alfred itself and act from there.

Asking the Finder for the file locations with AppleScript is a bloody mess, and not something I’ll go into (I know how much trouble it is). The sheer amount of escaping and edge cases for special cases is really not worth it.

I will look at a well constructed pull request, but won’t implement it myself. It’s really not worth it.

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It now uses notificator for notifications. Please tell me if something goes wrong (if you get any error or stop receiving notifications). If everything works fine, I’d also be interested in knowing.

Main reasons for the switch to notificator are in the DownVid post.

To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days (15 or less) and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.

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8 minutes ago, Don Dahl said:

Is it possible to make this workflow work as a file filter somehow? I hate using the filebrowser but I really want the features of your workflow.


Do you mean a File Action? It does work like that. It’s the only method I use.


12 minutes ago, Don Dahl said:

I've read your instructions on how to change host several times but I have no clue where to look.


Setting Workflow Environment Variables.

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Removed explanation as it was wrong (I was thinking of a Hotkey, not a Keyword).


As I mentioned years ago:


Asking the Finder for the file locations with AppleScript is a bloody mess, and not something I’ll go into (I know how much trouble it is). The sheer amount of escaping and edge cases for special cases is really not worth it.


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41 minutes ago, deanishe said:

Are you guys talking about a Keyword or a Hotkey?


Ah, right, I’m talking about a Hotkey, yes. I see that in my previous reply I mentioned I’m not going to add a Keyword because it’s not worth the trouble.

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@Vitor, thanks for the workflow. I may be doing a silly question, but really could not find out: in order to upload the file do I need to do something else other than having it selected and calling "UFP" on the Alfred dialog box? Thanks again!

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