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  1. Hi ramiro, great job on the image optimizing workflow - thank you! I noticed you built this quite a while ago, I was wondering if you were going to indeed include a lossless option to your image optim workflow? 

  2. Type Clipboard Workflow for Alfred App Simple workflow to write the clipboard content in those situations where ⌘ → V doesn't work, typically in non Cocoa application dialogs. It has happened to me in older Flash versions, Intellij IDEA and a few others. You have to go and paste with right clicking the mouse or pad... Atrocious!! Setup After installing the workflow you have to setup the default keyboard shortcut, since Alfred does not auto-import keyboard shortcuts on workflows. I use ⇧⌃⌥⌘ → V, since I don't use it that often. Alternatively, you can trigger the typing with the typeclipboard k
  3. ok, looks corrected, please let me know https://github.com/ramiroaraujo/alfred-transmit-workflow cheers
  4. wooops, I've missed your previous comment. I don't usually use FTP accounts without username I'll check it cheers
  5. @Cicilia, corrected it. Let me know if ok
  6. @Cicilia, damn it! ok, but tell me one thing, given your screenshot, a list of FTPs is populated, right? then when do that error happen? on the other hand, looks like a text encoding error, I'll check myself and with the favorites file you sent me. edit: definitely text encoding issue, my bad, specially since I'm a spanish speaker I'll fix it asap cheers
  7. Text Tokenizer Workflow for Alfred app Workflow for tokenizing different text value input, and converting them back to a string with multiple syntaxes. It was basically thought as a text exapander to convert space separated works into quoted comma separated values, to use in different languages, mostly because of envy of Ruby's array notation %w(). Usage Type the keyword tokenizer, followed by a space and then a list of space, comma, semicolon, tab or newline separated values. You can also paste from the clipboard here, which is the only way of inserting tabs or newlines. As long as the inpu
  8. @everyone I rebuilt the workflow with a different XML parser, quite simpler actually. I've tested it in Mavericks only, but with both Ruby 2.0.0 and Ruby 1.8.7 (1.8.7 used in previous OS X versions), and in Transmit 4.4.5 and Transmit 4.4, which use XML and SQLite respectively. I Hope everything should work now. cheers
  9. @Cicilia: OS version? Transmit version? Sure you downloaded the correct OS version? Describe "does not work", as in: no feedback at all? or feedback appears but does not trigger the Transmit app? Etc. Any chance you send me your Favorites.xml, maybe a part of it and with host, user, etc modified?
  10. I updated the workflow to work with both the XML and SQLite Favorites data source. I hope it works with all Transmit 4 versions now. Feedback welcome
  11. Well, after deleting all my Transmit prefs and updating to last Transmit 4.4.5 I can see there's a Favorites/Favorites.xml file and no Favoriltes.sqlite file, at least in a plain base install. I'm not sure right now under what circumstances the sqlite file is created/used. I'll check it
  12. Strange, can you try downloading the Applescript examples from Panic's support? Then run the "Basic Connection and File Transfer.scpt" script, and let me know if it tries to connect. If you can, update the script to connect to one of your favorites
  13. makes sense, It now searches in both favorite name and host name
  14. @kopischke, I ended up switching from RVM to rbenv, and everything is working great now. I can safely fetch gems for Ruby 2.0 and 1.8 and all work well with the system Ruby. The only caveat, I need to pack two extensions, one for mavericks and one for previous versions.
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