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  1. only reporting now but actually it's been a long time for me, so i'm surprised. might be only a few people? volumax and volmid work fine, but up, down and mute don't. i'm reporting now because i'm doing my own workflow (that can set to any % you pass as argument) and i think it's be nice to have it corrected in Alfred, and why not adding a new feature to set to the volume we want. let me know! Alfred 4.0.9 Build 1144, Friday 20th March 2020 Catalina 10.15.4 (19E287)
  2. well. probably if you restart your computer, you'll end up with the same issue. care to try? 😂️ actually i've forked this from another workflow that wouldn't work for me. thought it was an AirPods Pro issue as the other workflow was for the normal AirPods. seems not. also my workflow work for both my iMac that has keyboard and trackpad connected, and my MacBook that has nothing... so, gonna have to investigate. thanks for the report!
  3. lol interesting. might be the list of bluetooth devices connected then. not sure. will check. could you guys send a screenshot of them, like below? thanks.
  4. interesting. i had the same issue with the original repo that i've forked. have a try maybe? https://github.com/BeneathCloud/AirpodsBattery if you don't mind letting me know what version of macOS you're running that might help too. and you're having the AirPods Pro or the normal ones?
  5. btw the content of the Workflow is weird. the same script has to be run twice in case System Events is dead (suicide if not called for 5 minutes or something similar, it seems). if you find a better way to do this, please let me know or submit a PR. thanks!
  6. hello! Kitematic is deprecated, and Docker has a new Dashboard available, but from the menu bar. This allows to launch that Dashboard from Alfred. yo. GitHub: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-docker-dashboard Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/alfred-docker-dashboard enjoy! 🌖️
  7. available on Packal now: http://www.packal.org/workflow/alfred-airpods-pro-battery enjoy! ☀️
  8. sorry guys, just seeing the update now. let me know if there's something not clear in the docs. i can update or you can do a PR, no worries. @UpdateAlex i'm not sure what you mean, sorry. you don't want them in a certain order? you don't want them together?
  9. another fork: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-airpods-pro-battery the original Workflow doesn't work for me (wrong arguments; left ear gets right ear data and right ear gets nothing). currently only available on GitHub. will put on Packal later... :))))))
  10. btw i have another fork coming, for the AirPods Pro battery. will probably trigger you. left an issue on the repo like 3 weeks ago, ready to do a PR but no answer 🤷‍♂️️ here's the issue link: https://github.com/BeneathCloud/AirpodsBattery/issues/1 maybe you want to add your grain of salt? 😂️
  11. yes. doesn't make any sense. the icons are subjective preferences. my Workflow has AirPods Pro icon because i own a pair of AirPods Pro. the one i forked has a box of AirPods, which is fine, plus some other icons i find ugly. are they ugly? objectively i don't know. i find them ugly so i changed them. i want to keep a track of my changes so i forked, made the changes (icons, text, keywords). i put that online. if you prefer the other Workflow, please use it. if you don't like the work i did it's fine, just ignore it. thanks. if my computer dies i lose my changes. hence the fork. hence the Workflow. it's not my first Workflow, and far from being the most complicated. sounds like you're the Workflow police? 😂️ chill. ok thanks, didn't know about that one. is that official, or is that your personal opinion? seems you have strong "objective" and "official" ones.
  12. hi. a shameless fork of Alfred AirPods Connector (https://github.com/mariuskiessling/alfred-airpods-connector). i had to change the icons, really, i had to. also i like to have different keywords for connecting and disconnecting, so here we go. Doc, screenshots, releases on GitHub: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-airpods-connector Release on Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/alfred-airpods-pro-connector enjoy! ☀️
  13. seems only artist is working in the latest edition of that workflow? song and album return errors.
  14. any chance to get the fuzzy search working in Alfred for the integrated 1Password feature? i try to do everything through Alfred, but the 1Password search is quite painful currently. i could spin up a workflow but probably it'd be better in the integrated version?
  15. ahhh i've removed that workflow a few months ago because it didn't work with Catalina. i'm seeing there's an update only now 😂️ thanks a lot. very useful!
  16. New version 1.3.0 available on GitHub and Packal. https://github.com/godbout/alfred-airplay/releases https://www.packal.org/workflow/airplay-spreader Fixes an issue to disconnect on Catalina, and more importantly allows to jump to menu, useful for Sidecar devices.
  17. Version 2.1.0 is out, adding the Everhour service: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-time/releases/tag/2.1.0
  18. I've rewritten my Alfred-Time workflow so that it's more easily extensible, and better tested. Currently it works with the Toggl and Harvest services. You can start, stop, or continue a timer, choose a project and a tag if necessary. With version 2.0 it's one service or the other though. The previous version allowed to use both services at the same time. I personally don't use that anymore, and it was a pain to maintain. If you still need that functionality, you can still use the previous version. I'm planning to add new services. It's very basic (even more basic than the previous version). Just start, stop or continue. No more delete, no more cache bullshit. There's some ideas in the queue like enable/disable tags (or choose a default one), but nothing done yet. I use the workflow daily and it works fine (for me). If it does help you, enjoy! GitHub: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-time/releases Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/alfred-time-v2
  19. Because rather than testing for the value of the variable, I check for the variable existence. Again, no point confusing users that don't need it with an empty variable. New release is out! Thanks for the comment guys. Glad you helped the workflow get better.
  20. Is that too much for you to add? 🙄️😂️ I will not add it by default. It'll be like a 'pro user' thing. If there's no `cli`, then it will open the magnet link with the default mac app. If there's a `cli` variable, then it will use the cli. Knowing myself, if I add it, I'll forget to remove it. Now that you added it, it will stay there on subsequent updates.
  21. @xilopaint can you try this version? https://www.dropbox.com/s/bdtphtve5vfr1dh/KAT.alfredworkflow?dl=0 Add a `cli` global variable. It should contain the command and a `{magnet}` variable that will be replaced by the magnet link chosen through Alfred. There' also a possibility to copy the magnet with the cmd modifier. (It's version 3.0.0 because I've updated some of the workflow's objects and I should work only with Alfred 4 from now on.) Let me know if it works well. If it does I will release an official update.
  22. Probably you don't keep notes because subconsciously you know it's another cognitive load in which app did I store that? Which note? Personally I want software to save my time AND my cognitive load. If it's a pain every time I update, I stop using the software. I started tinkering with an update for the workflow and I see how passing the magnet link around as variable would help to copy to clipboard and do other things. At the same time it makes the structure of my own code worse (again, in term of cognitive load). I remember with my first workflows, I found it was such a pain to handle menus through Alfred. Now basically all my workflows have the same structure: one script filter for the menus, one script filter for the actions. It makes it harder for user to modify the workflow, but way easier for me when I need to update and come back to my code.
  23. Yes, definitely going to the "it's the user's problem" route. Although, I don't like this idea that much because of that need to edit the workflow again after an update, on the user's side. As a developer I want to be able to push an update every day if needed. As a user, I want my workflow to get broken as less as possible. If I make a change myself and I need to do it again after an update, that's a lot of cognitive load (at least for me). Small stuff to remember that are not worth the pain. So currently, it seems that the best idea would be a global variable like `cli`, if those variables don't get erased by an update (I guess the "migrate settings" when an updated a workflow allows for that).
  24. What about if when using `cmd` it copies the magnet to the clipboard rather than opening the magnet? You should be able to do something with that. That sounds more proper to me, for the workflow.
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