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  1. Pressing right arrow while browsing file on Alfred, a list of action comes up including "Move to...". Pressing right arrow on that option will yield 3 results, Documents, Desktop and Application. However, I'd like to add some custom folders, which I access on a regular basis. Is this possible? Thank you for any help!
  2. this is very useful, thanks!
  3. highlight the custom search in the web search tab and press delete key. It'll ask you to confirm.
  4. hmm i don't know if this is a powerpack setting but on mine, there's an option under Updates heading that allows me to click on pre-releases. I'd post a screen capture but the general page (at least the update setting is altered in 2.0.3 as it has its own tab on top right
  5. is the updated workflow link the one in your original post (dropbox)? it still replaces instead of opening new tab. it might be some problem on my end so if there's any test you want me to run, that's fine.
  6. i like this but is there a way to make it open on a new chrome tab. Right now, if I have a chrome window currently open and activate this workflow, it will activate in my current chrome tab and i think it is better if it opened a new tab instead of replacing it.
  7. I have a few different workflows that display notification output, however, all the notification has alfred icon and I was wondering if there's a way to change that icon. For example, I have a BreakTime and Caffeine Control workflow that displays notification and I would like to change the alfred icon into the respective app icons in the notification. Is this possible? (I use default notification centre, not growl)
  8. Hey all, is it possible to exclude album titles when searching in iTunes mini player. I ask because I have several albums that has the same name as the song title. When I search for it, the album is always the top result, so instead of navigating further, it'd be more convenient to get rid of album results. Thanks for any input
  9. alfred pref -> appearance -> options -> hide menu bar icon
  10. great theme! after milan match, i have no doubt we can win psg
  11. Just tapping command to bring up alfred would be an awesome feature and I hope it makes into future release. Currently, I have tape F5 once but would rather have a key closer to where I type often
  12. hmm that's odd. When I type 'define pit' I get pit, pig, pot, put in that order. (in both default and Enligsh dictionary setting within alfred preference)
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