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    Launch 2 MS Office documents workflow

    Thank you, Andrew, for the positive feedback; it makes me feel like my journey to learn Alfred is progressing and fruitful.

    Launch 2 MS Office documents workflow

    You are exactly correct deanishe! I wanted to get the full effect of the notification, sound effects and large type on my screen which gives me gratification.
  3. I am just a beginner, but I thought I would share this simple workflow that does not rely on scripts or variables. It is basically a workflow designed to launch Microsoft Office applications and produce a new document from a template document. I have split the workflow by application so you won't be opening a slew of applications and files at once; I believe, in the real world, you may not really want to launch a bunch of applications and files all at once. There is not much documentation to go with this workflow; it uses tools already accessible within the "All Workflow Objects" workflow as a smorgasboard of tools readily accessible. There are no scripts and it does not rely on variables; just basic stuff. Please send me some feedback and let me know if you like this workflow. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hgkff2sdv7sgq6d/LAUNCH 2 OFFICE DOCUMENTS.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  4. Good afternoon Vero, The attached link is my latest rendition of "Launch 2 Office Documents" workflow now going under the name of APPLICATIONS.alfredworkflow This latest one is working just fine, except for one thing; when I trigger one of the workflows within it, my iMac gives me this error sound; the workflow goes about it's business and opens the applications & files, gives notification, plays the sound, and posts large type across the screen but every time I trigger the workflow, I get this noise that I normally get when pressing a key that the Mac doesn't like. Maybe you could run the workflow and see if your Mac gives you the same sound when you trigger it? https://www.dropbox.com/s/0llny72f3wv2qz6/APPLICATIONS.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  5. RE: Launch 2 Office Documents workflow (time now is 11:56 Monday) I can't explain it; my workflow is working flawlessly now. It was not working this afternoon; I just kept trying and it started working. 😮
  6. re: your message of Posted Friday at 03:09 AM concerning uses for the remote, I have come around to see the potential for the remote by having the ease of launching files within applications with the tap of a finger instead of doing it manually. Thank you for your insight on this matter. 😋
  7. RE: Launch 2 Office Documents workflow Out of curiosity, I just added a keyword input to the original workflow in the workflow tab and tried running this workflow from there; the workflow works fine from the workflow tab, but not from the remote page.
  8. I decided that under real-world conditions, I don't really want to be launching several programs and files at once even if I can. So, I opted to change my previous workflow up a bit and divide it by application. I created this new workflow (attached) and I loaded it into the remote page (exactly) according to your instructions above. I still come up with the same results as before; my workflow launches the files and applications but it does not post notification or play sounds. Don't know what I did that was different than when I loaded the last workflow in according to your instructions with good results. As before, running the latest version of Alfred & the latest version of Mac OS and I have not made any changes to the operating system. I'm stooped! 😓 https://www.dropbox.com/s/hgkff2sdv7sgq6d/LAUNCH 2 OFFICE DOCUMENTS.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  9. Here is the link to my workflow on Dropbox. I am using Alfred version 3.6.2 I am using Mac OS High Sierra, latest update 10.13.5 (17F77) I have made no changes to the operating system on my MAC I am not using any programming language or scripts. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jlph940zp5n0exe/REMOTELY LAUNCH MULTIPLE FILES.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  10. I have created the workflow below and the remote trigger is working; the specified file is opened when I tap it on my remote page; but the workflow does not post notification or play sound. 🤔 Am I missing a piece to the puzzle? Are there some action modules that need to be inserted into the workflow for it to post notification and play sound?🙃
  11. Thank you for your explanation, Andrew. I appreciate you taking the time to address my concerns.
  12. I was able to figure out my hotkey problem (I think) by going back to square one and pulling up the "ALL WORKFLOW ITEMS" WORKFLOW " and duplicating it and then deleting all the modules that I didn't need for a new workflow. I was then able to reproduce the Advanced Hotkey Workflow from there (at least my version of it). (I included a keyword module for safety in case I was still not able to find a hotkey that worked). My workflow is attached. 😊
  13. I tried to find threads or help pages on this, but was not able to find any that specifically addressed this issue; Why are my hotkeys, that were once working just fine no longer working? 😡 I even tried disabling some that were working in the hopes of using the same hotkey in another workflow, but that did not work. I am not able to set any new hotkeys ( and I have been up and down the road trying every combination of modifier key with function key, special character key, number key; trying just one and then two and then 3 modifier keys; I can't find anything that works. is it possible that I have flipped a setting switch somewhere without realizing it? 😧
  14. I just tried this tactic; if I put c in the search box, I only get my own workflows categorized by "c" If I put "c" in the box, I get nothing. 🙃