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  1. Hey ho, It would be nice to have a setting for the calculator to set the decimal separator for the output to one used in the input. So, if you turned the input setting to "Use decimal point and comma as separator" the results would look like this: 2,5 * 5 > 12,5 and 2.5 * 5 > 12.5 This would only make sense, 'cause you already recognize the separator used in the input. Thanks in advance -K
  2. Thanks, Tyler Eich. That's a much better description of my problem! That would be great. Workflows are such a big and important part of Alfred now. It would be a shame, if it would be so… complicated to access them. Maybe in 2.0.3 or 2.0.4?
  3. Hm, I'm gonna push this again, because the issue isn't resolved, yet. There are Apps and folders listed in my top 5 results that I never used or opened and the workflows I use daily just won't appear in the top 5 results and I have to type their full names to use them. Is there a setting that I am missing? Lack my workflows information to help Alfred with the learning? Is this a bug? I'm desperate.
  4. I'm experiencing the same issue. Even the workflows I use daily will show up at the fourth or fifth position in Alfred's results. On the first positions there are apps and folders I never opened with Alfred befor… This really bugs me. Is there a solution for this?
  5. Hey girls and guys, I just finished the rewrite of my old ASCII Converter extension. With this workflow you can convert a string of characters into their ASCII code values and vice versa. You can convert from and to hexadecimal, binary and decimal. The results will be displayed as soon as you run the workflow and copied to your clipboard when you press enter. You can either enter a string or just use your clipboard content. You can download it here: http://blog.kudusch.de/post/45752933020 Changelog: Version 1.1 -fixes a rather stupid bug where the conversion for hex would not be in hexadecimal, but in hexal Version 1.0 -rewritten as an Alfred 2 workflow -detection of input
  6. Thanks for the answer, Andrew. That explains it. Then I'll go and write a workflow for the finder selection.
  7. This would be a workaround, yes. I'd still appreciate a way to do this natively by a keyword. That's my number one feature request, right now
  8. Thanks for the quick answer! Is there a way to have this feature triggered by a keyword? If not, it would be awesome if this would be a feature again.
  9. In Alfred 1 you could bring up the actions panel by typing "action" into Alfred. Is this possible with Alfred 2? Am I missing something?
  10. I think the <icon> should have the attribute type="filetype".
  11. Because of the fact, that NotificationCenter has no AppleScript support or any other scripting bridge I had to be a little creative solving these problems. Pausing NotificationCenter is achieved through UI Scripting and to close all the notifications in NC I had to mess with NC's database file and restart NoticifationCenter afterwards. These solutions are both not very stable, but right now the best I could do. If any of you know of a better way to do this, please reply.
  12. Hey caleb531, you could use AppleScript to solve this problem: tell application "iTunes" set vCover to data of artwork 1 of current track set vTarget to open for access ":path:to:the:workflow:folder:cover.jpg" with write permission write vCover to vTarget close access vTarget end tell In the feedback XML you set the icon element to the path you specified before. I hope this helps.
  13. The solution for this is a little hacky and might be not very stable. Nevertheless, you can do this with my NotificationControl Workflow
  14. Heyho guys and girls, I just finished porting my old v1 extension NotificationControl to a v2 style workflow. You can download it here. You can use the following keywords: Show the current status of Growl and NotificationCenter : stat Pause Growl and Notification Center : pause Resume Growl and Notification Center : resume Pause or resume Growl : growl Pause or resume Notification Center : notificationcenter Close all Growl notifications : close_growl Close all NotificationCenter notifications : close_nc Show Growl’s rollup : show Hide Growl’s rollup : hide Enable Growl’s incoming network : enable Disable Growl’s incoming network : disable/ Restart Growl : restart
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