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  1. Thank you for the comments. I will test it more and post the result.
  2. Today, it happened again. :-( I added encoding="utf-8" in xml header. Starting debug for 'pinboard' [ERROR: alfred.workflow.input.scriptfilter] XML Parse Error 'The operation couldn’t be completed. (NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 5.)'. Row 1, Col 189: 'Extra content at the end of the document' in XML: <item arg="http://www.cocos2d-iphone.org/getting-started/" uid="com.jmjeong.alfredv2.pinboard-27"><title>Getting Started | Obj-C based 2D engine for iOS, OSX and Android</title><subtitle>http://www.cocos2d-iphone.org/getting-started/</subtitle><icon>item.png</icon></item><item arg="http://blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=namkoong&logNo=130076721452&parentCategoryNo=&categoryNo=&viewDate=&isShowPopularPosts=false&from=postView" uid="com.jmjeong.alfredv2.pinboard-28"><title> 싱가폴에서의 브롬톤 : 네이버 블로그</title><subtitle>http://blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=namkoong&logNo=130076721452&parentCategoryNo=&categoryNo=&viewDate=&isShowPopularPosts=false&from=postView</subtitle><icon>item.png</icon></item><item arg="http://blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=neo_flavor&logNo=60195970808" uid="com.jmjeong.alfredv2.pinboard-29"><title> 브롬톤 S2L RG 2013년식, 나의 3번째 브롬톤. : 네이버 블로그</title><subtitle>http://blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=neo_flavor&logNo=60195970808</subtitle><icon>item.png</icon></item><item arg="http://jpsarda.tumblr.com/post/24983791554/mix .... .... There is no error when the exact same output is displayed with xmlformat script cat << EOB <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><items><item arg="http://shopping.naver.com/search/all_search.nhn?query=%EC%BD%94%EC%BF%A4%20%EA%B7%B8%EB%A6%AC%EB%93%9C%EC%9E%87&frm=NVSCPRO" uid="com.jmjeong.alfredv2.pinboard-0"><title>코쿤 그리드잇 검색결과 : 네이버 지식쇼핑</title><subtitle>http://shopping.naver.com/search/all_search.nhn?query=%EC%BD%94%EC%BF%A4%20%EA%B7%B8%EB%A6%AC%EB%93%9C%EC%9E%87&frm=NVSCPRO</subtitle><icon>item.png</icon></item><item arg="http://radiofun.tumblr.com/post/83412070151/flipboard-layout-duplo" uid="com.jmjeong.alfredv2.pinboard-1"><title>nothing special • Flipboard의 Layout 엔진, Duplo</title><subtitle>http://radiofun.tumblr.com/post/83412070151/flipboard-layout-duplo</subtitle><icon>item.png</icon> ... EOB Any comments are welcome.
  3. Thank you for your comments. Adding the encoding argument solves the problem. I will check it with another data set.
  4. Hi, I am using Alfred v2.2(243) I am author of alfred-pinboard and other workflows. You can look up my workflow from github.com/jmjeong/alfred-extension I have some question about alfred workflow extension. I tried to find document about this, but I failed. 1. Is there any limit of items of workflow: the maximum number of items, and maximum size of string? 2. Is there any time lime for script to be executed? The result of of alfred-pinboard output is as follows when it is executed in the shell. - http://f.cl.ly/items/3n352G0Z0M0A302n0i1R/~DropboxAppsAlfredalfredprefer.txt When it is executed in the alfred shell, the error message is displayed. But it is random, sometime it is ok, but sometimes it displays error. Starting debug for 'pinboard' [ERROR: alfred.workflow.input.scriptfilter] XML Parse Error 'The operation couldn’t be completed. (NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 4.)'. Row 1, Col 1: 'Document is empty' in XML: ></item><item arg="https://fnd.io/#/" uid="com.jmjeong.alfredv2.pinboard-33"><title>Experience the App Store and iTunes Anywhere | fnd</title><subtitle /><icon>item.png</icon></item><item arg="http://ludens.kr/741" uid="com.jmjeong.alfredv2.pinboard-34"><title>저작권 문제없는 고퀄리티 사진을 구할 수 있는 사이트 10곳 #Ludens</title><subtitle /><icon>item.png</icon></item><item arg="http://www.istockphoto.com/" To test if the result xml is wrong, I make simple workflow to display the first result. - pinboard-test.alfredworkflow The result is ok. The first result xml seems to be ok in this test. I don't guess why alfred-pinboard displays error. Most of the time, it is ok, but sometimes it displays error. If you need any resource to reproduce this error, I could provide it.
  5. Yet another alfred2-pinboard workflow. It provides INSTANT pinboard search and various functionality. Github : https://github.com/jmjeong/alfred-extension/tree/master/pinboard Workflow Download : https://raw.github.com/jmjeong/alfred-extension/master/pinboard/pinboard.alfredworkflow Updated: - v1.2 : Remove the dependency of cron job - v1.1 : add [send to Pocket] ::: Version 2.0 is released. <2014-05-27 Tue>
  6. I added the requested feature. You can download the new version from http://goo.gl/rw86o
  7. I tried, but I can't find any problem. export.json file is as follows: { "workflow-export" : {"directory" : "~/git/alfred-extension/test", "enable": true}, "source-export": {"directory" : "~/git/alfred-extension/test", "enable": true} } Exported src directory is as follows:
  8. I will check it. Could you send me the extension which causes the problem?
  9. Version 2.6 handles sub-directory correctly now and adds export.json file to ignore list.
  10. Thank you for the information. I will look up it. -> Version 2.5 now displays hotkey information, too.
  11. You're right. There was a problem if folder name has space. I released 2.4 version which fixed it.
  12. The directory where the extension was located which you want to export. It is not alf.extension directory, but will-export.extension directory.
  13. I tried it in Battery.alfredworkflow, but I can't find any problem about export function. Did you tried the new version? You can the latest version from https://github.com/jmjeong/alfred-extension/tree/master/managealfredextension FYI, export.json file should be located in extension directory where you want to export such as "/user.workflow.DD0D36FD-8588-4FFE-8FC6-XXXXXXX".
  14. Thank you. I am looking this kind of extensions. It works great.
  15. It would be great to have REST API to submit the new or update extension and search extensions. I would like to add a feature of submitting extension to AlfredWorkflow.com in manage alfred extension
  16. Tidy up LaunchPad in Mountain Lion(Link, Download) Usage tdl appname :: Remove app icon from LaunchPad Mountain Lion's Launchpad is pretty good but it's still hard to get something out of it after you put it in if you didn't get it at the Mac App Store. If Launchpad Control is overkill for you, this might help. References Tidy up lanchpad in Mountain Lion(Laine lee) Back To The Mac Blog- OS X 런치패드에서 사용자가 원치않는 프로그램 아이콘을 손쉽고 간편하게 감출 수 있는 방법 Icon : Launch Pad(NoSmokingBandit) Version History 1.2 - March 30, 2013 Add help item Sort app names alphabetically 1.1 - March 30, 2013 Fix a problem of filename with korean encoding1.0 - March 30, 2013 Initial release
  17. Added it to my http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1572-browse-alfred-extension-alfext/ workflow
  18. Good Idea. I begin to add to my workflow too. I encountered the following error message. Jaemok-ui-Mac-Pro:user.workflow.3070F65C-8B64-42DB-BD0F-B69A2EB95612 jmjeong$ python feedback.py Traceback (most recent call last): File "feedback.py", line 107, in <module> do_feedback() File "feedback.py", line 32, in do_feedback local = json.load(f, encoding="utf-8") File "/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/lib/python2.7/json/__init__.py", line 278, in load **kw) File "/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/lib/python2.7/json/__init__.py", line 339, in loads return cls(encoding=encoding, **kw).decode(s) File "/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/lib/python2.7/json/decoder.py", line 366, in decode obj, end = self.raw_decode(s, idx=_w(s, 0).end()) File "/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/lib/python2.7/json/decoder.py", line 382, in raw_decode obj, end = self.scan_once(s, idx) ValueError: Expecting , delimiter: line 4 column 5 (char 163)
  19. Try this version : https://github.com/jmjeong/alfred-extension/blob/master/managealfredextension/ManageAlfredExtension.alfredworkflow
  20. could you post the generated message by 'python main.py' in extension directory?
  21. You can specify the duration by 'agenda n'. 'agenda 7' display the 7 days event and remiders. I would like to add this feature at the first time. But it seems to be impossible because iCalBuddy does not return any information to open the record.
  22. I hope version 5 will solve this problem. This happens when 'info.plist' does not exist.
  23. If you download the new version, you can launch the selected extension with shift modifier.
  24. Good Idea. I updated the extension to display its icon.
  25. That's good idea. I updated the extension. In version 4, you can launch the selected extension with shift key.
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