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  1. sorry about that, I've updated the original post. Why can't we upload .alfredworkflow on this forum? makes no sense ?
  2. Hello all, I know this is an already talked about subject, but despite having read all docs and deanishe's post, I can't get to figure this one out. I'm creating a loop through a recurrent Script filter, using PHP In the JSON I output, I use variables, but for some reason they don't seem to get passed down the workflow. Here is the JSON I output: { "variables":{ "afp_server_path":"afp:\/\/\/Design%20System\/Assets\/Videos\/Venues\/DJI_0001_.mov", "videoasset_gif_path":"\/Users\/me\/Desktop\/test\/DJI_0001.gif" } } How to I access "videoasset_gif_path" in a script along the line? For example, on an AppleScript, I then use: set videoasset_gif_path to POSIX file (system attribute "videoasset_gif_path") but videoasset_gif_path does not exist? Thanks for your help! Alfred 3.7 MacOs 10.13 Workflow file: http://qo.qa/2018/11/Multimedia.alfredworkflow
  3. Any news on icon url implementation? My plugin is unusable without this function
  4. any news about this feature? It's been more than a year since and such a feature would be sway
  5. Hey guys, Here's a simple yet extremely useful plugin to quickly print (on your default printer) a file or some text. If the query is empty, your last copied text is printed. print -> print from clipboard print {query} -> print argument file action, print -> print file. Warning: Not all files will work. Screenshots: Download: http://ge.tt/9Ko2Egj/v/0?c
  6. This version works on all mac os x http://ge.tt/6HP0KXi/v/0 Usage:
  7. Although this seems like a complicated workflow, it isnt. This is mainly for icon designers. When you create an ".icns" file for the mac (which contains 1024px, 512px, 256px, 32px and 16px versions) and save the file (with icon composer for instance), the file's icon stays on the normal ".icns" file. This means you can't copy the icon and paste it in another file/folder. Some website tell you to open the .icns in preview, select and copy from there… THIS IS WRONG! it only copies the current resolution in preview, but not all versions. If you look at your finder icons, you will see they aren't the same when in list view or icon view! That's because in list view, icons are tiny and thus would not look great with a big resolution icon File action on ".icns" files Keyword "selficon" for currently select file in finder Download: http://d.pr/f/mPRy
  8. any fix or alternative?
  9. That would be nice indeed… as well as having the whole list if no input is present
  10. I would absolutely love this in english!! Or something similar with themoviedb.org
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