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    shadylane reacted to jin5354 in [Update!!]Currency converter workflow for Alfred 3   
    I wrote a workflow in ruby to convert currency. Requires Alfred v3.
    Notice: The Old versions(v1.2-) api has been out of service at June 5, 2018. Please update to v1.3+ to keep using currency conversion feature.
    Github  Download
    Support 30+ currency units with fixer.io. Basic support for sign. e.g.,$,¥,£,etc. Customizable displayed currency units and base unit. Input once to get all result.  
    Tap 'cy' to get latest exchange rates. Tap 'cy money' to get exchanged result. You can press enter to send the result to the clipboard. Tap 'add-cy', 'remove-cy' to customize displayed currency units. Tap 'base-cy' to set base currency unit.  
    Hope you like it. 
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    shadylane reacted to smirky in DJ Pedro - iTunes playlist based on Last.fm similar artists   
    Hi Anna,
    Thanks for the kind words; I'm glad DJ Pedro has been helpful to you! 
    Someone else has mentioned that using Pedro for Spotify playlists would be great, too. Having no real experience with it I'm not even certain if that's possible, although based on other workflows I think it may be. I guess it's time for me to dig in and see what I can do. I'll report back when I have some time to really look into it. My hope is that it's possible, so we'll see.
    Also, your post reminded me that I have a pretty big update to DJ Pedro's guts that help him run much better. I had been sitting on releasing it until I could use it enough to work out the bugs, but that's long overdue. I'll post the update this weekend!
    Thanks again!
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    shadylane reacted to Ritashugisha in Luxinate - Download video and audio from YouTube and SoundCloud   
    *** Update [3.6.1] ***


    I've completely rewritten all of the code to try and get a smoother and less buggy workflow.

    It works fine on both my machine and the others I have access to.

    This doesn't mean that it's completely free of bugs though.


    If you find any bugs please let me know via this thread!


    New to Luxinate 3.6.1


    - Many bug fixes and full rewrite of source code

    - Progress bar option

    - Updated youtube-dl and ffmpeg

    - Option to prompt install of SoundCloud API


    (I recommend installing the SoundCloud API to your machine rather than using the way I had it before)


    Thanks again for all of your support and encouraging words!

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    shadylane reacted to Benzi in Battery2 - Battery levels of laptop battery, Apple keyboard, trackpad and mouse   
    Just another quick way to look at the battery levels of your connected Apple devices:

    Keyword is battery. Download from here.
    Credits to a script found here: http://www.macosxtips.co.uk/geeklets/system/battery-status-for-apple-wireless-keyboard-mouse-and-trackpad
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    shadylane got a reaction from kopischke in Last.fm + Alfred = Alfred.fm   
        Everything's working perfectly now with the latest version, yay! This workflow is absolutely fantastic, seriously, I love it!   Thank you both so much, especially for making the workflow run on Mountain Lion - as a huge Last.fm fan I will be using this constantly... Alfred + Last.fm = totally awesome    Thanks again guys!
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    shadylane reacted to Carlos-Sz in Evernote Workflow 9 beta 4 (Alfred 4)   
    Alfred 4
    Read about this workflow below.
    This is an update to address the new Alfred 4 data folder (thanks to xilopaint).
    DOWNLOAD Evernote Workflow 9 beta 4 for Alfred 4
    Alfred 3 workflow to search and create notes in Evernote.


    ens to search in every note field ens @ to search in a selected notebook ens # to search notes with a selected tags You can use ent (search in titles only) or enr (search in reminders) or entodo (search to-do notes) or enrec (search notes updated within a week) or enu (search notes with a source URL) instead of ens.

    You can select multiple tags to fine tune your searching. Just add a second hash sign and select or type the tag e.g. ens #tag1 #tag2 :my query

    In addition, you can select a single notebook then tags too e.g. ent @notebook #tag1 #tag2 :my query

    Note that, if you want to select a notebook and/or tags, the query goes after the colon sign as seen above.

    Return key to open the note Shift key to preview the note Option key to set a reminder Control key to paste the note text content to the top most application Function key to open the note URL Command key to append text (from clipboard, selected text or typed) or selected file(s) in Finder. After pressing the Command key a new Alfred window will be shown so you will be able to select the text source and the action: Return key will append without date Option key with append with current date Hint: You can also use the Command key to only add tags to a note. To do so, type or select a tag and don't type anything after the colon then select the source "Type a Note" e.g. enn #tag :

    Note that Alfred Fallback Search is also supported (you have to add it in Alfred 2 Preferences>Features>Default Results, then click Setup fallback results button).


    Keyword enn


    You can optionally type the note title or, for a more complex creation, follow the syntax below:

    @Notebook #tag1 #tag2 !reminder :Title
    @notebook: after typing @ a list of notebooks will be displayed then select one or type it; the default will be used if omitted #tags: after typing # a list of tags will be displayed then select one or type a new one (multiple tags are supported, type each one after a hash sign) !reminder: after typing an exclamation point a list of reminder suggestions will be displayed then select one or type a custom reminder such as in 4 days or 05/01/2014 or 05/01/2014 at 2:00 Title: at the end, after a colon (or the second colon if you are adding time in your reminder) Note that items of the syntax are optional, however the syntax has to end with a colon, with or without typing the note title e.g. #tag1 :

    Note Content Source
    From clipboard From selected text Typed directly in Alfred From Safari or Google Chrome URL From message(s) selected in Mail app From file(s) selected in Finder app: you can create one note with files or one note for each selected files. Alfred File Browser also supported. Type a Note also supports multiple lines and, in this case, the first line will be the title of the note e.g. enn Line 1 /n Line 2 /n Line 3

    Return key: create a note Control Key: create a note and open it Command key: append text or file to a note Option key: append text to a note with current date How to Append
    Highlight one of the note content source e.g. From Clipboard Optionally type tags and a reminder e.g. #tag1 #tag2 !tomorrow hold command key and hit return key select a note from the list (search by title only) and hit return key Mail
    Message subject as the note title Message received date as the note creation date Message Link as the note source URL A short header (e.g. sender) A plain text version of the email content  
    Note Templates
    Read about templates here.

    Bring Alfred and type the keyword enpref:
    Search wildcard: you can set the workflow to automatically use the Evernote search wildcard (*) or you can set the workflow to use only if it is typed (the Manual setting may by faster in a huge note collection).  
    Download Evernote 9 beta 3
    Release date: 99 Jun 2019 Made in OS X 10.13.5 Requires Evernote 7.2 from evernote.com Requires Alfred 3 Download now  
    Download Evernote 9 beta 2
    Release date: 09 Aug 2016 Made in OS X 10.11.5 Requires Evernote 6 from evernote.com Requires Alfred 3 Download now  
    For Alfred 2
    Version 8.992 Release date: 20 Feb 2015 Made in OS X 10.10.2 Requires Evernote 6.06 from evernote.com Requires Alfred 2.6 or later Download now  
    What's new?
    9 beta 3: minor code optimizations and updated workflow preferences (enpref keyword) 9 beta 2: bugs fixed and Evernote API updated 9 beta 1: Alfred 3 support 8.991: Evernote 6.06 initial support 8.9: Yosemite beta and note templates support 8.7: interface bugs fixed 8.6: enn issue fixed Improved reminder time support e.g. Tomorrow at 2:00 Added support for tags that start with a hash sign e.g. #Home Added support for tags that start with an at sign e.g. @Work Added support for notebooks that start with an at sign e.g. @Notes Workflow should be faster in most of cases When appending from a search result now you can hold Option key to include current date Type a Note supports multiple lines (first line will be the title) e.g. enn Line 1 /n Line 2 New Keyword enl and its hotkey to load the last search query Added support for some of Alfred 2.3 new features Workflow version history here.
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    shadylane reacted to Carlos-Sz in Reminders 1.1 (a light version)   

    Show overdue and due today reminders right away Easily show lists and their due, overdue and not completed reminders Create new reminders Create new lists Mark reminders as completed This is a simple Reminders approach, with its own workflow, aimed for users that have only a few due or overdue reminders. If you are a havy user with tons of due, overdue or not completed reminders then you may consider using Jack James Reminders workflow that also caches reminders which can make things faster.


    Bring Alfred and type the keyword rm and a list of overdue and due today items will be displayed:

    Type a single interrogation point for a quick syntax help:

    Type to create a new reminder in the default list (see date format options below):

    Type a single hash sign to show all lists:

    Once in a list you can see its reminders and also create a new one:

    If you want, type a third hash sign to set the due date:

    There are a lot of date formats accepted:
    tod or today (default) tom or tomorrow ne or next week 2m or 2 m or 2 minutes or in 2m or in 2 m or in 2 minutes 2h or 2 h or 2 hours or in 2h or in 2 h or in 2 hours 2d or 2 d or 2 days or in 2d or in 2 d or in 2 days 01/01 or 01/01/13 or 01-01 or 01-01-13 01/01 6:00pm or 01/01/13 6:00pm You can always check if the date format entered is valid or not in Alfred subtitle:

    Due soon: type rm due

    Displays a list of due soon (in a week) and not completed reminders:

    Mark a reminder as completed
    highlight a reminder hold control key (the reminder subtitle will change to Mark Reminder as Completed) hit return key Open a reminder in Reminders app
    highlight a reminder hit return key  
    What’s new
    (1.1) Better handle of reminder creation when within a list (#) Download
    Version 1.1 Release date: 13 Jul 2013 Made in OS X 10.8.3 Supports Alleyoop 2 Download now PS: post wrote in Byword and converted using Markdown to BBCode workflow
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    shadylane reacted to edc1591 in Add songs to iTunes Up Next   
    Hi all,
    I've been getting lots of requests to update this workflow to make it compatible with Ruby >=2.0 which is what's been shipping with the past couple releases of macOS. Well, I took some time this week to finally do it and also added a few new features.
    Results will now show their album art, and the pairing process has been improved. You can also now search by artist name and album title. I've also renamed the workflow to iTunes DJ (reminiscent of the original queuing feature in iTunes).
    See the README on Github for more info and download links.
    Hey Guys!
    Up Next is one of my favorite features of iTunes 11, but adding songs to it can be pretty tedious. That's what this workflow tries to fix.
    You can search for songs right in Alfred and quickly queue them to be played in iTunes!

    The source is available on Github. Feel free to fork it and submit pull requests.
    Here's a download of the workflow that you can import directly into Alfred.
    This workflow works similarly to the iOS Remote app. Because of this, it needs to be paired with iTunes before you can use it. To do that just follow these instructions:
    iTunes must be open to complete the pairing process. Invoke Alfred and type pair followed by a 4-digit numeric pin number and hit enter. Switch to iTunes and click the devices button in the top right. Then click on Alfred in the devices list and enter your 4-digit pin.  
    Now you're all set to start queuing songs! Just type "next" followed by the name of a song and Alfred will search as you type. Then just hit enter on the song you'd like to queue.
    Known Issues:
    Searching can be slow for large libraries Can only search using song titles, not artists or albums
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    shadylane reacted to Benzi in Control Radium 3 from Alfred   
    And if you really like the old v2 style icon (which I prefer myself too, to be honest), here's a version to help you get started:

    Download the modified workflow here.
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    shadylane reacted to smirky in DJ Pedro - iTunes playlist based on Last.fm similar artists   
    DJ Pedro - Create iTunes playlist based on Last.fm similar artists
    (Updated 10/11/2015 - Fix for broken Last.fm API links)
    This workflow uses the Last.fm API for "similar artists" to create and play a playlist based on either the artist of the currently playing song or an artist searched for within the local iTunes Library. The workflow does not require that you use Last.fm, it only pulls information from their database using their API. (i.e., no scrobbling required.)
    DJ Pedro now lives on the wonderful Packal repository. The best reason for you to get this version is that Packal will handle tracking any future updates so you no longer need to watch this thread.
    Get the Packal version here
    The workflow is triggered by a hotkey or the keyword "dj", and if an argument is added the workflow searches your iTunes library for artists that match the query.
    NEW: I added a couple Alfred Remote triggers to the workflow, the best one allows you to create a DJ Pedro playlist from anywhere in your house via the currently playing iTunes track. This is a feature I have wanted since originally creating the workflow. :-)
    You can add the individual trigger(s) to your own custom Remote page or use the DJ Pedro Remote Page. It's fairly minimal at the moment, but I'm considering adding a Favorites feature since we can't yet type directly into an Alfred window via the remote.
    NEW: If you use my Last.fm and/or Discogs workflows you can now trigger those from results in DJ Pedro's Suggested Artist list using modifier keys. I tend to think that's pretty sweet.

    Settings for the workflow can be modified by triggering the "djprefs" script filter. Available modifications are:
    Playlist name Number of tracks in the created playlist Search limit for 'similar artists' the workflow requests from Last.fm. Maximum tracks per artist added to the playlist. Enable/disable the notification that lists any artists suggested by Last.fm that were not found in your Library.
    Much of the script for displaying artists and their artwork was borrowed from the great "Play Song" workflow, by "caleb531", which you should download if you don't have it yet. Additional scripting was improved by using the qWorkflow library developed by "ursanrazvan". Yes, DJ Pedro is named after our cat.
    This workflow creates a folder in your iTunes folder called "Alfred Album Artwork" for easy access to album artwork icons. This folder should be extremely small and is easily deleted if you delete the workflow.
    Known/Possible Issues:
    Because of the way iTunes 11 handles playlists, there's a pause/un-pause coded into DJ Pedro at the start of playback. If Apple ever provides a better way to deal with Up Next, besides GUI scripting, I'll update this.  
    I'm an amateur coder, so please be kind to my messy code, etc. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!
    I hope this workflow helps you enjoy your music a little bit more.
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    shadylane got a reaction from surrealroad in Notes   
    Hi guys, you can actually open a note in Notes.app when you search for it with Alfred, it looks like this:



    @valon, a search filter might be what you're looking for. I made one for notes and it works really well! Just connect a "File Filter" module to an "Open File" module like this:



    In the file filter you have to set the search scope to:

    /Users/Your Username/Library/Containers/com.apple.Notes/Data/Library/CoreData/ExternalRecords/XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX/IMAPNote/_records/0/

    ... the "XXX" represents a string of letters and numbers; 


    Then just drag one of the notes into the "File Types" field (the file type is called "com.apple.notes.externalrecord"). Now give the search filter a keyword and you can search for your notes. If you press enter, Notes.app will open up the note in a separate window (like in the picture above).
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    shadylane reacted to Aralia Spinosa in An unremarkable assortment of themes   
    I'm quite glad you like them!
    Again, because I clearly know how to invest my free time to brighten my future prospects, here are the fruits of a productive evening: 
    Toujours Ivre


    Sumer Is Icumen In


    Maddened By The Stars




    Look I Made A Hat


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    shadylane reacted to dfay in Case Converter (including Title Case)   
    Updated August 24, 2018
    This is now a single workflow -- there are hotkeys for the following five actions:
    Capitalize - capitalizes all words (e.g. Posting A New Topic In Share Your Workflows)
    Title Case - capitalizes word except for "the", "in", "of" etc. according to American English title conventions (e.g. Posting a New Topic in Share Your Workflows)
    Sentence Case - capitalizes only the first letter of the first word & converts the rest to lower case
    All of these are set to Copy to Clipboard and Paste by default.
    There's also a script filter cc which lets you view the query converted and select your choice (like the Code Case workflow).
    You can also connect a hot key directly to the cc script filter directly to view the output options without typing the cc command and pasting your text.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/3k2lh21g5wnqrkp/Case Converter 2.alfredworkflow?dl=0
    2018-02-09: updated link and updated workflow with fix to python workflow library
    The old version is described below and still available, if anyone prefers it.
    Workflow Version:
    This workflow converts the case of the text on the clipboard.
    There are two workflows which display the following five options:
    Capitalize - capitalizes all words (e.g. Posting A New Topic In Share Your Workflows)
    Title Case - capitalizes word except for "the", "in", "of" etc. according to American English title conventions (e.g. Posting a New Topic in Share Your Workflows)
    Sentence Case - capitalizes only the first letter of the first word & converts the rest to lower case
    The keyword case will transform the text on the clipboard without pasting the result.
    The keyword casep will transform the text on the clipboard and paste (using Applescript System Events)
    Hotkey Version:
    Here is a version for use with hotkeys which will operate on the active selection in OS X and paste it with the converted text.  These all have a half second delay prior to pasting, which is necessary for Applescript to be able to paste.
    Notes and Revision History:
    These use the Title Case perl script found at https://raw.github.com/ap/titlecase/master/titlecase .
    If you manage academic citations with BibDesk, Zotero, Papers, Mendeley, etc., Title Case conversion is especially useful for cleaning up downloaded citations.
    Updated May 3, 2013 with nicer colored icon thanks to mjv ( http://www.alfredforum.com/user/4384-mjv/ )
    Updated February 5, 2014 to handle Sentence Case and to add a second keyword to paste after conversion.
    Updated May 20, 2014 with hotkeys
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    shadylane reacted to Aralia Spinosa in An unremarkable assortment of themes   
    Shared out of boredom and willingness to contribute to Alfred's existence however coding-impaired nature has made me.
    Another Hundred People

    Another Hundred People (Light)

    Coming Up Roses

    For a Day of Sky

    La Seine

    Never Deep in Anything But Wine

    Summer's Joys

    The Apple's a Rose

    Into the Dungeons

    The Elder Tree

    (There is a slight chance that I may or may not have messed up the links. I never trust myself with links.)
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    shadylane reacted to ctwise in Time Machine Controller   
    I edited my reply since I forgot the require statement. Try the updated code.
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    shadylane reacted to palobo in Spotlight Comments With Ease   
    Workflow Description
    With this little workflow, you can select a bunch of files, trigger the workflow (hotkey or keyword) and type in the comments you’d like to add. The extension allows for a default action when encountering existing spotlight comments, as well as interactive mode and parameter options (more on that later).
    Installation and Setup
    Download and import. As for setup, there isn’t much to it. Simply define what your desired default action should be when encountering existing comments. Change property defaultOverwrite : "append"  accordingly. Possible options are append, replace and interactive.
    Extension Usage
    Triggering the extension and entering text without any of the following parameters will default the the behaviour discussed above, with the exception of delete of course.
    -d — Will remove any spotlight comment from the selected files;
    -a — Will append to existing comments;
    -r — Will replace existing comments;
    -i — Will function interactively allowing you to decide on a file by file basis. It will display the existing comment to facilitate your decision too
    There is no need to leave any space after the parameter but you can do so if you prefer (it will be stripped from the begging)
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    shadylane reacted to vlad.gorohovsky in Icon Extractor for OS X Apps   
    This workflow extract & save icon from any OS X apps to your Desktop. Just type icon and choose the app.
    By default it saves icon in 512px and PNG. Feel free to change this parameters.

    If you want to save max resolution pictures just delete this line from the script:
    --resampleHeightWidthMax 512  Based on a bash code from Brett Terpstra. Alfred 2 theme by @egla.
    Enjoy! http://cl.ly/3c2h0S0t1I3K
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    shadylane reacted to surrealroad in Today's day and date   
    Here's another variant on the current date / timestamp workflows.
    Type "date" into Alfred to paste:
    Monday, 18 March 2013 into the current document.

    Tuesday, 19 March 2013 – Now also shows the date within Alfred
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    shadylane reacted to surrealroad in Notes   
    This just creates a new note in notes.app. To keep it simple, it just uses the first folder in the first account it finds. You can change this behaviour by editing providing the respective names in the "properties" in the applescript.
    To search existing notes, type "n search_term" into Alfred. E.g. "n something I wrote yesterday" (not working in macOS High Sierra)
    To create a new note, just type "n note_text" into Alfred. E.g. "n something very important I will probably forget"
    To create a note from the clipboard, type "nclip optional_note_name"
    Hold option to open the note in a new window after creating it.

    iCloud Notes on OS 10.11+
    As of Mac OS El Capitan, you are given the option to upgrade iCloud notes accounts. Once you do this, with the normal Notes workflow you'll start seeing duplicate lines in notes. The reason for this is that prior to the upgrade the "Title" of the note and the "Body" of the note were displayed separately. After the upgrade, Notes assumes the title is *not* also included in the body, which is different behaviour, and led to the apparent duplication.
    Sadly there's no reliable way for the workflow to detect whether your Notes account has been upgraded or not, so fixing it would entail breaking it on installs that have not undergone this upgrade. Therefore I have opted to make a separate Workflow which is to be used by anyone who has upgraded to the new iCloud version of Notes. You will find that download link below.
    Tuesday, 5th July 2016 - Fixed a regression where "nclip" would not work if a custom title was provided
    Thursday, 30 June 2016 – Compatibility for users who did not previously have Alfred v2 installed
    Wednesday, 27 January 2016 – Fixed an issue with notes from clipboard not working; existing iCloud notes are now searched too (thanks, Vero!)
    Friday, 16 October 2015 – Added a new Workflow for iCloud upgraded notes in OS 10.11+ (Thanks Nikita!)
    Monday, 27 October 2014 – workaround for apple bug #18734006 on OS 10.10
    Monday, 13 October 2014 – Hold option to open note window after creation
    Tuesday, 17 September 2013 – Updated q_workflow module to latest version
    Thursday, 18 April 2013 – Only first line is used as a title when using "nclip" with no arguments
    Sunday, 7 April 2013 – Properly escape illegal characters in query
    Friday, 5 April 2013 – Fixed an issue where a temporary file was getting written to the wrong place, sorry about that! Thursday, 4 April 2013 – Combined into single workflow; renamed to "Notes"; fixed an issue with clip keyword; nclip now pastes HTML if possible; workflow will notify if updates are available Saturday, 16 March 2013 – First version  
    Download (Alfred v3 and iCloud)
    Note: this workflow will notify you if a newer version is available. To disable this functionality, change the property "shouldCheckForUpdates" to "false"
    Alfred v2
    It's not currently known whether the latest release will be backward-compatible with Alfred v2.
    If you are using Mac OS 10.11+ and have "upgraded" your iCloud notes, you should use this workflow:
    Notes for Alfred v2 (iCloud)
    In all other cases, this is the one to use:
    Notes for Alfred v2 (non-iCloud)
    Source: https://github.com/surrealroad/alfred-notes
    Please raise issues on GitHub, as it's easier for me to keep track of them there.
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    shadylane reacted to JBR in Last.fm scrobbling from iTunes Mini Player   
    If you add Last.fm scrobbling to the iTunes Mini Player, I wouldn't need to run a third app such as Coversutra or Bowtie, which otherwise provide the same controls as Alfred's Mini Player. This would help Alfred take over my computer.
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