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I am just a beginner, but I thought I would share this simple workflow that does not rely on scripts or variables.  It is basically a workflow designed to launch Microsoft Office applications and produce a new document from a template document.  I have split the workflow by application so you won't be opening a slew of applications and files at once; I believe, in the real world, you may not really want to launch a bunch of applications and files all at once.


There is not much documentation to go with this workflow; it uses tools already accessible within the "All Workflow Objects" workflow as a smorgasboard of tools readily accessible.  There are no scripts and it does not rely on variables; just basic stuff.


Please send me some feedback and let me know if you like this workflow.


https://www.dropbox.com/s/hgkff2sdv7sgq6d/LAUNCH 2 OFFICE DOCUMENTS.alfredworkflow?dl=0

Launch 2 Office Documents.jpg

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1 minute ago, vitor said:

Why are you adding delays before every step?


So you can see all the notifications and Large Types and hear all the sound effects clearly, of course!

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@PAUL R FONTENOT Good job Paul - you're learning Alfred fast :)


Just to let you know, all of the objects you see in the built in "All Workflow Objects" workflow are available from right clicking within any workflow canvas. You'll get a popup menu where you can select the items you need such as the "Play Sound", "Delay", "Post Notification" etc.




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