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Temporary Email — Generate disposable email inboxes

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Vitor, i was wondering if you would want to make this workflow compatible with other temp mail providers? Since i use this workflow to sign up to forums etc, i find it annoying that harakiri doesn't make links clickable when receiving mails.


Would be nice to have more providers supported. Thank you for your work!

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I won’t support multiple providers with the workflow, since that’d only be bloat. However, I’m perfectly fine with changing the current provider altogether. Do you have any suggestions? One that (naturally) makes links clickable and preferably that also suggests an inbox name.

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I’ve used the workflow between my last comment and yours, and the url I got was indeed clickable. It was an html email, though, so perhaps harakirimail makes those clickable, but not the plaintext ones, or there is some other factor at play (maybe a browser extension modifying those). Can you give me an example of one signup website whose confirmation email had a link that was not clickable in harakirimail? That way I can use it as a filter when checking for anomalies, or picking the new service.

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Hi Vitor,


thanks for your work. Unfortunately your workflow does not do anything for me. I installed it, ran the updater, can see both "tmpmail" choices, but none of them does anything. No tab opens, nothing gets copied to clipboard. No matter whether I give an argument after "tmpmail" or not.


That's what the debug says:

Starting debug for 'TemporaryEmail'

[2017-06-21 15:51:34][input.keyword] Processing output of 'action.script' with arg ''
[2017-06-21 15:51:36][action.script] Processing output of 'action.script' with arg ''


Any advice?

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Don't know if this is related to your error @hfr, but on my side I needed to modify the script inside Notificator.app to make it works since I got an error "Unexpected identifier 'i'" ... So maybe @vitor this would be something to have a look. I changed in line 6 the keyword "let" to "var" and now everything works great.


Changed from :

for (let i = 0; i < argc; i++) { argv.push(ObjC.unwrap(args.objectAtIndex(i))) }


for (var i = 0; i < argc; i++) { argv.push(ObjC.unwrap(args.objectAtIndex(i))) }


Look in the attachment for the error message I got in case there's a better solution to this problem! Beside, thanks @vitor for the workflow!

Capture d’écran 2017-06-21 à 11.07.07.png

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Hey @vitor


I don't understand how to use this since downloading the workflow there is only one object there 'Update' : 




And clicking on it writes this in debugger : 


[2017-06-29 12:58:37][ERROR: action.script] 'remote_info_plist' (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/vitorgalvao/alfred-workflows/master/t: temporaryemail/source/info.plist) appears to not be reachable. 



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3 hours ago, nikivi said:

[2017-06-29 12:58:37][ERROR: action.script] 'remote_info_plist' (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/vitorgalvao/alfred-workflows/master/t: temporaryemail/source/info.plist) appears to not be reachable.


You’re not exactly supposed to change Workflow names. By doing so, on mine you’re breaking their update capabilities. No, that does not need to be like that (and other users of OneUpdater won’t do it), but I also don’t intend to change that behaviour. It’s just too convenient and most people don’t change Workflow names. I have a ton of Workflows, so streamlining their process is a must. By automatically getting their name from the Alfred variables (that’s what they’re there for), I can copy things around without change.


3 hours ago, nikivi said:

The one attached to this forum actually has the workflow itself although it is broken


It’s not broken; you’re just on pre-Sierra. The fix is even exposed just a few posts above. That only affects the notification; everything else works well.


I’ve already changed Notificator to work on pre-Sierra and pushed fixes to the affected Workflows.

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This makes sense,  thank you. I will try to move to Alfred's native filtering options since I can actually make a KM macro to quickly change these filters : 




Is it okay that I lowercase the workflow name without changing any text or that too will interfere with OneUpdater?


I have this really bad OCD about having everything consistent and lowercasing workflows for me is something that brings consistency to my setup. :( 

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1 hour ago, nikivi said:

Is it okay that I lowercase the workflow name without changing any text or that too will interfere with OneUpdater?


To be clear, this does not interfere with OneUpdater; just with the way I have mine set up. For example, since I have all Workflows in the same repo and all organised in the same way, for the download URL I always use https://raw.githubusercontent.com/vitorgalvao/alfred-workflows/master/${alfred_workflow_name}/${alfred_workflow_name}.alfredworkflow. Notice the ${alfred_workflow_name} that saves me from having to change that line from one Workflow to the next.

To answer the question, if names are lowercase it’ll also interfere (Github takes that into account).

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