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  1. Awesome. That works perfectly! Thank you for your help. Sorry...I'm a scripting newbie
  2. Here is the whole workflow I am trying to create. It works as follows: Takes an already created template folder, copies it to the Desktop, and renames it to the query with "Catalog - " in front of it. Then creates a new folder on the desktop with the query as the folder name, and four sub folders within. All of this works great, aside from when the template folder is created and renamed, it inserts "\" in front of where spaces appear in the query. Here is the workflow script...and also a screenshot showing it and the folder output below. In this example, the query "
  3. Wow thanks for the help! I appreciate it! One last question...how would I adjust the second argument to append a constant prefix (for instance "Job Log" to the front of the folder name prior to {query}? So if my query was "Test Folder"...it would create the folder as "Job Log - Test Folder". Something like this (which doesn't seem to work): mv "$HOME/Desktop/[folder name]" "$HOME/Desktop/Job Log - {query}"
  4. Hi. I'm trying to create a workflow that renames a folder on my desktop called "Catalog - Aaron Riddle Photography Template" to the current contents of my clipboard. I begin the workflow with a query to input. The input is copied to my clipboard contents. However, when I try to execute the following script to rename the folder, it doesn't work: mv '/Users/aaronriddle/Desktop/Catalog - Aaron Riddle Photography Template' '/Users/aaronriddle/Desktop/{query}' Note if I use that script and change the name of the file to a generic name, like "Test Folder", it works:
  5. I was actually able to accomplish this using a combination of applescript (to tab to the next fields), and the Alfred "copy to clipboard" workflow module. https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/clipboard/accessing-clipboard-history/ Thanks for the reply!
  6. I have a workflow where I copy 6 different lines of text and then paste them into 6 different browser fields. I am trying to write an Alfred workflow using Applescript to do this for me automatically. Therefore I need to copy the six different lines of text, invoke the workflow, so that it: Invokes the Alfred clipboard history viewer. Paste the sixth entry. Tabs to the next field. Repeats.... I have this script so far which invokes the Alfred clipboard history viewer, but the next "System Events" line in which command-6 keyboard shortcut is ex
  7. Hi. I'm looking to create an Alfred workflow that copies a template folder from its location in Dropbox to my Desktop. The folder path to be copied is follows: /Users/aaronriddle/Dropbox (Personal)/Aaron Riddle Photography/Video/Virginia Elope Video Template I want to copy it to my Desktop path as follows: /Users/aaronriddle/Desktop I tried doing this via terminal using the below script: cp -a /Users/aaronriddle/Dropbox (Personal)/Aaron Riddle Photography/Video/Virginia Elope Video Template. /Users/aaronriddle/Desktop/ However, it gives me the following error: zsh:
  8. Great workflow! Works flawlessly on Alfred 3. Been looking for something like this for a while since the other Imgur workflow out there stopped working.
  9. Hi. I'm trying to install this on Alfred 3. I am able to install it, but am confused as to how to set it up. I type in "setupss" in Aflred, and it brings up this: When I hit "Return", it then shows a Mac notification that says "Start typing to select a folder" and that is it. Nothing happens.
  10. Not sure if this workflow is being maintained anymore, but it was working great for me until I started using Word 2015 on the Mac. Since then it has stopped working. Any ideas on how to modify either script file to get it working again? Thanks!
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