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    TingTingBen reacted to vitor in How to run script from /usr/local/bin?   
    Just to expand a bit on deanishe’s (as always excellent) answer, in addition to providing the full path to the executable, you may also expand your PATH in your Alfred script.
    What I mean is: instead of using /usr/local/bin/program_name repeatedly for every one of them, if you know they are all inside /usr/local/bin you may start your script with the line PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH (directories in PATH are separated by :, and calling it like in this example means your already existing PATH will be appended to your additions).
    What this allows you is to call program_name (without the full path), for the continued duration of the script.
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    TingTingBen reacted to rice.shawn in Yosemite-esque Cards   
    First, I'll say that I'm not sure how feasible this would be, but...
    I really like how the new Spotlight shows the list of results to the left and a quicklook/card to the right. I can see this being very useful in script filters. Unfortunately, I don't think it would be possible to implement wholesale across Alfred. But we could, in a script filter, indicate that a card show be shown (this would be a global for the script filter) and then describe the content in the "card" for each result. I'm not sure if that would mean that we'd have the option to use quicklook for a document or render a map or just have some structured text appear, or a mix of both, but, regardless, it would be hella useful. Like, for the Spotify workflows, it could show the cover and some more meta-data about the track. For a translation workflow, it could show an extended translation or some synonyms or something. Some of this might be possible if the card field was just wrapped in a CDATA tag.
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    TingTingBen reacted to nosatellite in Papers3 Workflow   
    Workflow for Papers3
    Not sure how many Papers3 users there are here, but I found myself frustrated with the opaque nature of the new Papers library structure.
    This workflow is designed to allow for quick searches within your existing Papers3 library. With this workflow, you can search for publications by title, author names, publication year, or keyword. The script filter returns a list of publications matching the entered query, which allows you to open the paper in the Papers3 reader window.
    To search your Papers library, enter 'pp', followed by the query. The searches are keyword-based: e.g., any word entered into the text field will be searched for in the title, author names, or keywords of your library. The results are returned as titles with the year and shortened author lists (e.g. Griffin C. et al).
    Pressing return will open the selected paper in Papers3; command+return will export the paper as a PDF (this requires that the folder be designated within the workflow).
    There are also keyword-triggered actions in this workflow:
    -expp: Exports the currently-selected publication in Papers3 (e.g., if you are currently reading a paper and trigger this action, the publication will be exported to the designated folder as a PDF- again, this requires that the folder be designated within the workflow).
    -opp: Opens the current webpage in Papers3 (thanks to Vitor's bookmarklet workflow!); this is currently configured for Safari, but should work if you were to copy and paste the Chrome bookmarklet into the workflow (or, it may do so without any changes).
    -mpp: Matches the currently-selected publication in Papers3, without replacement of metadata.
    I hope you enjoy. Download here: https://app.box.com/s/nxyqwx2iib2imxa6jdu1
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    TingTingBen reacted to leolelego in A Workflow to listen web radio on iTunes, VLC...   
    i maid i little workflow to listen web radios on iTunes or VLC.
    This workflow propose a list of ~30 radios, principal french radio, but the workflow permit to add your own radios, or remove.


    What i can do with this workflowYou can :
    listen by default 35 radios stations. (most of them are french, 'cause i'm french )  add custom radio with a name and m3u/mp3/aac flux with : radioadd {flux} {name} remove radio you don't like : radiorm {name} reset default stations : radioreset send me email at contact@leoderbois.com add some other radio by default. I will be happy to propose a lot of radios ! You can download the workflow here and show source and more information here !
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    TingTingBen got a reaction from anbao1777 in Large Type from the Clipboard Viewer   
    I often try to display a piece of text from the Clipboard Viewer in Large Type, using its assigned hotkey (Cmd+L). It seems so natural to me, but it doesn't work. Instead, one have to copy and paste again the desired element in Alfred main window to display it in Large Type.
    I think it would be a nice little addition Thanks for considering!
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    TingTingBen got a reaction from Tyler Eich in Large Type from the Clipboard Viewer   
    I often try to display a piece of text from the Clipboard Viewer in Large Type, using its assigned hotkey (Cmd+L). It seems so natural to me, but it doesn't work. Instead, one have to copy and paste again the desired element in Alfred main window to display it in Large Type.
    I think it would be a nice little addition Thanks for considering!
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    TingTingBen reacted to MaximiliumM in Super Effective! (Pokémon Type Checker)   
    Our friend withanx created the Alfredex, a Pokedex inside Alfred, and it gave me an idea: Create a workflow to tell what is super effective against what. And here it is
    Now you're able to tell what type is super effective against Poison really fast. Just open Alfred and "type Fire".
    Here's a screenshot:

    It gives you all the information you need. If it's immune to some type, or if it can't damage some type and so on.
    I hope you enjoy it  
    New feature:
    Check Dual-Type Pokémon weaknesses.

    Download link:
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    TingTingBen reacted to rice.shawn in Problems and Fixes for Applescript UI Scripting   
    A troubleshooting conversation in the "Mavericks Merge All Finder Windows" workflow thread recently pointed out that errors can easily arise with UI Scripting because the variable names change. For instance, the command in that workflow was   click_menu('Finder','Window','Merge All Windows') where click_menu was a custom function to make UI scripting easier. But, some users were having problems because their operating system wasn't in English. Kopischke pointed out the fix:    His solution for German was   click_menu("Finder", "Fenster", "Alle Fenster zusammenführen") While I haven't seen this solution before, I'm pretty damn sure that it's been the source of problems for other workflows.   So, I have some proposals as to how to fix it. The first is a stop-gap measure, and the second is a larger project.   The stopgap measure would just be to drop in a few lines of code with a text file:   set thelang_ to user locale of (get system info) if thelang_ is not "en_US" then tell application "TextEdit" activate open (((path to desktop) as text) & "non-en-instructions.txt") end tell end if Obviously, you'd want to store the "non-en-instructions.txt" file in the Workflow itself, so you'd probably want to play around with the path variable. Also, it would probably be good to set it to not en_US or en_UK (is it UK?). The contents of the text file could be as simple as:
    That's it.   The more robust option would be to develop a translation library for UI scripting. One might already exist, but I haven't looked. Then, in the library, we'd have a file for each language that would have the translations from English (or from whatever language we want). So, German would have the entries Window: "Fenster" Merge All Windows: "Alle Fenster zusammenführen" along with many more. We could then set the variables with a quick function call after getting the user's language.   I think that this could be a great project and one that would need to be undertaken collaboratively, but right now I don't have the time to tackle it. If anyone wants to start on it, then please do. When my schedule opens up, I'll start on it if no one else has already.   Anyway, thoughts?   --Shawn
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    TingTingBen reacted to bummkugel in Open folders in new Finder tab in Mavericks   
    Hi, since Mavericks introduced tabs in Finder it would be really cool if I could open new folders via "open" and "find" in a new finder tab instead of a completely new finder window.
    Since updating to Mavericks I have put finder in fullscreen mode and just open new tabs for new folders, it would be cool if Alfred could help me in this way.
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    TingTingBen reacted to _mk_ in Mavericks Tags - File and Email Tagging with Alfred 2 (updated to v1.4)   
    Mavericks Tags - File and Email Tagging with Alfred 2
    Show tags of a file/folder or email Add/Remove tags of a file/folder or email Search files/folders or emails with a specific tag Show list of available tags Installation
    Download and import into Alfred 2.
    File Action
    The Mavericks Tags workflow is available as Alfred File Action:

    ⌃⌥T - Show tags of selected file in Finder ⌃⌥M - Show tags of selected email in Apple Mail Select "Add Tag" and ENTER a tag name to add it as new tag to the file/folder/email or select one of the existing tags and press ENTER to remove the selected tag from the file/folder/email.

    .tagged [tag name] - Search files/folder with tag
    .taggedmail [tag name] - Search emails with tag
    .taglist [tag name] - Show list of all available tags
    Credit for the included command line utility go to jdberry.
    The icons are from the Windows8/Metro Icon Pack by Visual Pharm.
    1.4 [2014-03-01]"Manage Tags" file action now supports multiple file from Alfred's file buffer 1.3 [2013-12-16]".taglist" command now uses mdfind to query all tags instead of the unreliable Finder plist 1.2 [2013-12-10] new keyword ".taglist" to show list of all available tags renamed ".mtagged" keyword to ".taggedmail" 1.1 [2013-11-25] support for tagging emails chnaged icons
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    TingTingBen reacted to iKam in [Mavericks] Merge all Finder windows.   
    Hi guys.
    The build-in Finder tab feature is awesome in Mavericks.
    And here is a little workflow to merge all current Finder windows into one single window with tabs.
    Hope it can help.

    Download it.
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    TingTingBen reacted to dartherix in Quit All Apps not Pinned in Dock   
    Just a quick workflow that quits all apps that are not part of your default dock. This only quits apps that show up in the dock, and not background apps. After executing the script you should see your default dock with all of the apps that are a part of it still left open. You can download the script here.

    The workflow is an apple script cobbled together from http://stackoverflow.com/questions/495323/quit-all-applications-using-applescript and http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14245301/can-applescript-list-all-the-applications-placed-in-the-dock .
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    TingTingBen got a reaction from rafaele in Custom Search and Workflows   
    Doesn't adding <your custom url search with query> in a "Open URL" action do the trick?
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    TingTingBen got a reaction from dansherman in Manipulate selected text   
    In the Workflows tab, create a new one [+] > Templates > Show Alfred > Show Alfred with selected text. In the settings window, give the hotkey you want and choose to place cursor on left side. Thus, you can type the keyword you want. But be sure that this keyword is linked somewhere else to make the manipulations you want, with a script for instance. At the end, the script can copy your manipulated text to the clipboard.
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    TingTingBen reacted to FiXER in Take quick screenshots using the ScreenCapture workflow   
    I would suggest also option to make screenshot of an selected windows. Similar to, when you press cmd+shift+4 and after that Spacebar  
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    TingTingBen reacted to Vero in Migrating Usage data   
    Fresh data in v2 means you can most likely get your daily average even higher
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    TingTingBen reacted to rice.shawn in Clean Duplicate AppleScript Dictionaries   
    In another thread (http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/792-alfred-applescript-dictionary-installed-multiple-times/), a solution was posted for a problem in which AppleScript dictionaries would have multiple entries. These duplicates don't have any effect on your system, and removing them doesn't either.
    Here you go: https://github.com/shawnrice/alfred2-workflow-remove-dup-applescript-dicts/raw/master/Clean%20AS%20Dictionaries.alfredworkflow
    There's just one command: "clean dict"
    Github repo: https://github.com/shawnrice/alfred2-workflow-remove-dup-applescript-dicts
    (Now with Alleyoop support).
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    TingTingBen reacted to R4z3r in TV Show Information Workflow — via TVRage   
    Hi Everyone,
    I've been working on putting together a TV show information workflow that will get you information about the TV show that you are searching for. I have it currently setup for two different options of handling it. This workflow shows you the Show Name, Show Status (Returning, On the Bubble/TBD, or Cancelled), and (depending on the status) air time, air day, and network or number of seasons it ran for on what network. See github for the most recent version, code, and configuration options.
    To switch between 12-hour time and 24-hour time, use the keyword:
    These will switch whether the script displays 12 or 24 hour time.
    Current Version: 1.0

    Option 1:
    Use the 'tv' keyword in the Alfred prompt to begin the workflow, then type the name of the TV show that you would like to search for and it will return the information about that show to you in the window. Pressing "Return" on the keyboard will open TVRage to the show's page. Option 2:
    Use a hotkey of your choice to pass your current text selection to the workflow and begin the search as above.  
    Known issues that I am working on or that I am looking to add:
    TV Episode search (so you can find information about specific episodes) — BETA 12 hour time version (currently, time is displayed in 24-hour time) Fix "seasons" on cancelled shows to correctly match singular or plural numbers Add easier timezone support. Add Alleyoop Suport  
    Download here:
    Github can be seen here:
    Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. I hope you like it!
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    TingTingBen reacted to Andrew in How to use global hot-keys to pick applications?   
    I definitely aim to make simple tasks like this a single step again in a future v2 release
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