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  1. Surfacing this as something that is still an issue. That text is tiny and very difficult to read on large displays. Please just allow us to change the font size to whatever we like.
  2. Ah. I had forgotten to try to press enter on a my Web Search query to latch it and was trying to latch by only pressing tab which won't trigger the autocomplete latching that Optional and Required Argument does. I was mainly responding to this response I got a while back but think I may have misunderstood what was meant:
  3. Is there a way to force Alfred to prioritize / use UID for everything with a keyword? E.g. including Web Search queries and keyword workflows with No Argument? If not, this is a feature request for the behavior. The exclusion of these from prioritization has always seemed strange and inconsistent to me.
  4. For me, having a bunch of stuff in Alfred's clipboard history is actually the end goal. I have a workflow I use to copy a Bear markdown formatted link, the raw link, and the title of the current active Chrome tab to the clipboard history. Depending on the task, I need any one of the three. The process is slowed down by the waiting between copies that the OP mentioned.
  5. I have a script filter that provides an initial menu with items that have "valid":false with UIDs that autocomplete to the query for a deeper menu with items that have "valid": true. I've noticed that these UIDs in the first menu are only used for sorting if I change them to "valid":true. But then they don't autocomplete anymore and the workflow exits before going to the second menu. So Alfred is causing a catch 22 for this workflow: either autocomplete for a second menu or get UID sorting based on past answers. Why can't we do both?
  6. For anyone else trying to get this working with your own Swift scripts and apps, adding this to the beginning should update your program to ask for permissions within Alfred: import EventKit import Foundation // get calendar store let store = EKEventStore() // ask for permissions store.requestAccess(to: .event) { (granted, error) in if let error = error { print(error) exit(0) } if !granted { exit(0) } }
  7. I ended up downloading this workflow and getting it to ask for permissions: https://github.com/rknightuk/alfred-workflows/tree/main/workflows/agenda But I really think adding this to the permission page would be way more user friendly.
  8. I'm using a Swift script I wrote myself, not icalBuddy. I would really prefer it be added here. Is there a simple workaround for now? Alfred is not prompting for calendar permissions when the Swift script is denied access in a bash call.
  9. @Andrew I think this bug has been reintroduced into Alfred 5. I'm noticing the same behavior with no latching for list filters again.
  10. I just tried selecting the first option in the "sitelinks" list 4 times and "sitelinks" still appears just as far down in the results for "si".
  11. I don't have it set, no. But that shouldn't matter for the primary list filter keyword "sitelinks" matching "si" right? That option should just be for the internal items once "sitelinks" has focus.
  12. I can usually retrain Alfred with 2 or 3 manual selections after typing the letters I want it to match. For some reason, this isn't working with a list filter I have called "sitelinks". I type "si", press down to scroll through the results and manually select it, and press enter. It doesn't change in priority. Anything I can do to get Alfred to latch on to it for "si"?
  13. I've created a new Bear Alfred workflow here: https://github.com/drgrib/alfred-bear It is faster compared to the current Bear Alfred workflow because it is written in Go instead of Python and has optimized SQL queries. It also adds tag searching and autocompletion, link pasting, and clipboard content to note on creation. I do appreciate the author of the original Bear Alfred workflow because I started mine from his design.
  14. Easy Alfred Workflow Script Filters in Go https://github.com/drgrib/alfred This is a lean but comprehensive implementation of the Alfred Script Filter JSON Format to get Alfred workflows off the ground quickly with blazingly fast script filters in Go that can be seamlessly developed inside or outside Alfred. It uses standard, familiar Go syntax and conventions as much as possible for rapid use by Go developers and integration with other Go code. A Simple Example Let's say we want to create a simple script filter that converts a given query to title case, lower case, or upper case, for which Go conveniently has built-in support. Let's start by prototyping our logic in Go with a case.go file in our workflow folder. We can do this on the command line or in the editor of our choice and easily run it inside or outside of Alfred: package main import ( "strings" "github.com/drgrib/alfred" ) func addCases(arg string) { titlecase := strings.Title(arg) alfred.Add(alfred.Item{ Title: titlecase, Subtitle: "Title", Arg: titlecase, UID: "titlecase", }) lowercase := strings.ToLower(arg) alfred.Add(alfred.Item{ Title: lowercase, Subtitle: "Lower", Arg: lowercase, UID: "lowercase", }) uppercase := strings.ToUpper(arg) alfred.Add(alfred.Item{ Title: uppercase, Subtitle: "Upper", Arg: uppercase, UID: "uppercase", }) } func main() { arg := "just a test" addCases(arg) alfred.Run() } { "items": [ { "uid": "title", "title": "Just A Test", "subtitle": "Title", "arg": "Just A Test" }, { "uid": "lower", "title": "just a test", "subtitle": "Lower", "arg": "just a test" }, { "uid": "upper", "title": "JUST A TEST", "subtitle": "Upper", "arg": "JUST A TEST" } ] } Looks good. Now let's add os.Args support and test it on the command line to simulate Alfred input: package main import ( "os" "strings" "github.com/drgrib/alfred" ) // [same stuff in the middle] func main() { arg := os.Args[1] addCases(arg) alfred.Run() } go build case.go ./case "another test" { "items": [ { "uid": "title", "title": "Another Test", "subtitle": "Title", "arg": "Another Test" }, { "uid": "lower", "title": "another test", "subtitle": "Lower", "arg": "another test" }, { "uid": "upper", "title": "ANOTHER TEST", "subtitle": "Upper", "arg": "ANOTHER TEST" } ] } Right again. Alright. Now let's drop this into our script filter: And give it a whirl: Why not copy these to the clipboard so we can actually use them? With a few simple runs and a glance at the Alfred clipboard history, we can see we are ready for business: Easy!
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