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Make PopClip Appear

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Alfred 2.4 here and it is working fine  :) 

Never had the problem you mentioned (popclip not appearing).


Another user case is right after selecting text, hit the keyboard shortcut to activate popclip.

So that you can navigate through it extensions with the arrows keys.


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It still works for me. If the blue paste button shows, then PopClip is working for you as well. If it does not detect that a word is selected, it assumes you want to paste there. You might look at the AppleScript and see if it has PopClip name correct.


If none of those things work, it is most likely a problem with PopClip, not Alfred. You can even copy the script to AppleScript Editor and see if it works there. To prove the hotkey works, add a notification to the hotkey with the text "PopClip Hotkey". If it shows up, then the problem you are having has nothing to do with Alfred.


If the notification does not show, then you have some other application on top of that hotkey. Try stopping one application at a time until the hotkey works. That will show you which one is causing the problems. It would be really nice to have a program that shows what each running application has assigned to hotkeys. That would be very handy to debug hotkey overlapping.


I hope this helps.

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9 minutes ago, xilopaint said:


The extension is not signed for PopClip because I've made changes on the official extension to support Alfred 4.


Does it work for you?


Alfred.popclipextz does not contain a valid PopClip extension.

Reason: Failed to unzip extension.


now I got it to work


Unsigned Extension Warning

By default, PopClip will display a warning dialog when you try to install your own extension, because it is not digitally signed by Pilotmoon Software.

If you find this gets annoying while you are testing your work, you can turn off the warning. Run the following command at the Terminal, then Quit and restart PopClip:

defaults write com.pilotmoon.popclip LoadUnsignedExtensions -bool YES

Please be aware that PopClip extensions can contain arbitrary executable scripts. Be careful about the extensions you create, and be wary about loading extensions you get from someone else. Proceed at your own risk.


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