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  1. Hi, One of my favourite workflows - well done! The only minor issue I have encountered is with an incorrect model of MacBook Pro. I have a 2014, 13" Retina MacBook pro as shown:- However, the app identifies this as a mid-2010 13" non-Retina Macbook Pro. This (perhaps coincidentally?) was my old model of Mac, but I have since tried both resetting the app using the "xabout" command, and also deleting and reinstalling the app but the issue still exists. Any ideas?
  2. Hi Shawn, Thanks so much for getting back to me, really appreciate it.
  3. Hi James, Sorry for the late reply as I haven't been on here in ages. Unfortunately it does not work for me either, and I get the same outcome as gr4z above. Thanks for taking the time to try and help though! John
  4. Hi guys, I regularly use the website Moreflicks to search for Netflix content in different regions. I know I can set Moreflicks as a custom web search, but what I was wondering was if anyone more technical than me would be able to put together a workflow where one could enter the search term and media kind (e.g. Movies or TV shows), and have Alfred return a list of countries? To illustrate my idea, here is a screenshot when searching Moreflicks for a movie:- So, would it be possible to have, say, a workflow with the following options:- mf m - search moreflicks for movi
  5. Not working for me either since updating to 2.4. If I press the keyboard shortcut with text highlighted, all I get is a blue box saying "Paste".
  6. Hi guys, Someone else posted an excellent workflow that allows a user to add the current Chrome URL to Safari's Reading List. I tried altering the code to allow this to work with Firefox, as this is the browser I user personally, but could not get it to work. Does anyone with more techincal skills than I have know how to implement this as a workflow? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Hi, Love this workflow but is there any chance you could create a similar one for Firefox users? I tried playing around with your code and substituting "Google Chrome" to "Firefox" but that did not seem to work and that is about the limit of my coding skills! Thanks
  8. Hey guys, Love this site, some of the workflows I've found here are ingenious. One little request I have is a workflow where you can input a telephone number and have it search the Say No to 0870 site (http://www.saynoto0870.com/search.php) and return the geographical alternative number. If anyone could make this into a workflow, I'd be very grateful!
  9. Great workflow, but it doesn't seem to find all songs / artists / albums. For example, if I search for the album "One For The Road" by Ocean Colour Scene, which is correctly tagged in my library as shown:- Then the workflow cannot find it, either by artist or album, and reverts back to the fallback searches:-
  10. Hey, One issue I have with this is that if I input the oop? command to check which of my workflows are compatible, it stalls on "Checking installed workflows..." and never displays the list. Any ideas?
  11. Great workflow. Just one thing though, is there an easy way to change the currency and App Store used (for me this would be from US - GB)?
  12. Hey Loving the workflow and will come in really handy. Having one issue though. Whenever I run it, I get a really long URL, not the shortlink, as shown. Any ideas how I can change this?
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