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YouTube workflow

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Just wanted to share the workflow I just created with other Alfred 2.0 beta testers. I hope that this is the right place to do so.

The workflow allows the user to search YouTube and have the results returned to Alfred and then choose a video to watch. Just type youtube followed by the query. For example, the below will search for Rebecca Black videos.


youtube rebecca black


You can downloaded the latest version here and the source code is available at GitHub.

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It's not working here.

I am not getting any results:







This looks cool, but unfortunately doesn't work for me. If I type in a search (even the same search as your example) no results are shown.


Any ideas what I could try?



I think this is because you don't have the gdata module for Python installed. I have rewritten parts of the workflow to pull the JSON feed from Google directly and not use the gdata module. Instead, the urllib and json modules are used and I bet you have these installed  :)


Could you try to download the workflow again from this link and reinstall it? Maybe you have to delete the previous and install the new. I don't know if Alfred will overwrite previous installations of a workflow. Please let me hear if it works  :)

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I have just added the standard YouTube video feeds but I have not uploaded the workflow yet as I can't really figure out if it's worth including or if it's just too much unnecessary fucntionality. Maybe you guys can help me figure out?  :)


I have added the following eight standard feeds. Googles "Most linked" standard feed seems to be broken at the moment. It doesn't return any items and therefore I haven't included it.


What do you say? Is there any interest for adding this?


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Hey guys,

great work ;)


When I look for youtube videos, one the things I look at the most is the number of views, would it be easy for you to add that to the subtitle? 





Yup, working well here as well. Idea: channels?


There you go, both of you :)


I have added the "channel" keyword for showing a users YouTube videos and a configuration in top of youtube.py to show the view count in the subtitle. I can't really figure out if the view count should be enabled by default. Personally, I like to keep it simple.


You can download the updated workflow here.

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