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I updated my Rdio workflow to fix a few things.




1. Resized png icons and optimized (download is now ~210k, was over 2MB)

2. Fixed the Artist items not playing. Selecting an artist will now play their Top Tracks Channel.

3. Migrated to Workflows helper class

4. Added track count to Artist results

5. Increased performance of Now Playing item by limiting the number of Applescript calls made.



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How tricky would it be to add the ability to search for an artist/track/album/whatever and have it display that item in Rdio instead of playing it? Or possibly adding it to the queue instead of playing immediately. Maybe both with a modifier key?


Are these things technically possible and if so is it something I could just add myself?


Thanks for all your work. 

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I don't think that's possible. Rdio provides URLs for sharing content but that just takes you to the Rdio web interface and doesn't play locally. The Rdio AppleScript library is what I'm using to play the tracks. It's pretty limited. You can play/pause, check the player status (playing, paused, etc), get info on the current track, adjust volume, things of that nature but there isn't a method for adding tracks to a play queue. If it ever becomes available though, I will definitely get it added.

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I know it's possible with Rdio, but to be clear, this workflow itself doesn't control volume? 


No, it currently isn't set up to control the volume. I could probably add that at some point when I get caught up with things.


I need the same for Spotify


@phpfunk has updated his Spotify extension from Alfred 1 into a workflow for Alfred 2 already.  Check it out.


Great! Big thanx.


But i have a question. Is it possible to show the album artwork instead of the RDIO icons?




Right now, it's not easily done. Currently, Alfred can't show URL based icons. They would have to be individually downloaded and it would end up being kinda slow. It may be possible in the future but for now its more effort than what its worth. When/if Alfred gets the ability to show URL based icons, I'll add it in for sure.

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Pretty neat but "Now Playing" is not working... in Brazil Rdio app is named after "Oi Rdio", any chance to this would be the issue? I've already tried to change *.php and AppleScripts which refers to "Rdio" and changed it but same results as the original workflow.

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It would be really nice if this supported searching for artists and albums as well as songs. Is that possible?


It does. The screenshot shows it searching for an artist. Check out the different icons. There are icons representative of album, artist, and track results

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Is it possible to action an item from the list of search results without playing the music? I.e. if I wanted to visit an artist's page but not play their music yet.


Not right now it isn't. Hadn't thought of adding that. May require a different keyword though since the argument in the list items would be different to do that

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Nice workflow!

Even I have some problem with the search function...


After typing anything after rdio keyword , for ex.:

"rdio u2"

the app shows only default Google, Amazon, Wikipedia searches...


Do I have to setup the workflow somehow?




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Running into a problem with this workflow under Mavericks - just typing in "rdio" automatically launches Rdio without me actually selecting anything. If I uninstall the workflow the behaviour stops, so I have to assume its doing some kind of script call that's inadvertently launching the app.


Known issue? I know 10.9 is still in beta, but it's the only workflow I've got installed that does this, so I figured it was worth flagging.

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I have just "solved" my problem with the workflow - search.php starts with:

if ( strlen( $query ) < 3 ):
and U2 which I used to test it is simply shorter...
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I don't know if this has changed with the new Rdio player but when doing a search now it auto-plays the artist station instead of showing results. I noticed the Applescript file has it telling Rdio to play, I'm guessing this no longer works for searching artists via Rdio?


Last time I updated the workflow, I set it so that selecting an artist from the search results would play their top tracks.

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