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Alfred access to touch bar? (for workflows or search results)


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I'm not thinking app detection but actually being able to have a custom touch bar to go with a particular Alfred workflow - right now I have a workflow that searches BibDesk and does different things with the result based on no modifier, shift, command, control, and alt/option keys held.  Right now I need to hold each key to see the reminder for which each one does (and I've run out of modifier keys).  I'd love to stick all those actions up on the touch bar.

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9 hours ago, FroZen_X said:

that in combination with app detection would be sick! haven't at it yet as i  won't buy a new mac yet ^^


From looking at the API docs and a few articles, the Touch Bar appears to be tied to the active application, much like the menubar.


For workflows to do anything with it, Alfred would have to provide an API, and it would only work while Alfred is active.


It'd still be pretty awesome for things like what @dfay is suggesting.

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An API from Alfred to allow adding workflow output or actions to touch bar would be amazing! Examples:

1. search for emoji and a workflow can display the filtered results on the touch bar.

2. Alt actions can be displayed on the touch bar, so they are more discoverable and can activated from the touch bar

3. Workflows can create app-specific touch bar actions that can be displayed on the touch bar when Alfred is invoked while an app is active. 



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I have no idea whether @Andrew is considering providing a Touch Bar-based workflow API or not, but it seems to me that it largely duplicates Alfred Remote functionality, so it wouldn't surprise me if "use Alfred Remote" is the answer to "how can I do Touch Bar things?"


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On 6/20/2017 at 8:25 PM, basicmonkey said:

Any news on Touchbar integration? Either workflow or system level. Nice to be able to have some useful things appear in the Touchbar when Alfred is activated.


Take a look at bettertouchtools. It does give you the ability to customize your touchbar in the way you like.




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10 hours ago, xilopaint said:

@Andrew @vitor @Vero any news here?


The Touchbar was an experiment by Apple, which is more or less falling by the wayside now. It's only available on a shrinking subset of Macs. As such, it hasn't been an area of focus given all the other ideas we have that will benefit the broader Alfred community. :)

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