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  1. The former - just hangs and has to be killed
  2. Found the source of the issue: I tried running the ThingsWorkflow binary directly from a terminal window - I get no feedback at all Yes - I'm running with Dropbox Sync also, though I tried copying the binary outside of Dropbox and runningfrom there - no change
  3. Afraid I get nothing in the log. If I enter "Things Test Task" and press enter - nothing; Alfred window just stays open, no action and no log content
  4. Seeing the same - get no feedback at all from this workflow, neither can I create tasks
  5. No - but your frequently used actions will migrate to the top of the actions list, so you should see add to faves at the top if you try adding another folder like this:
  6. You have the (non-default) option to use left & right arrows for folder navigation enabled in preferences: Instead press "Fn" when the folder is highlighted for actions
  7. FYI: Also can add public.volume type to enable network shares to be favourites - works well on my automounted NFS shares
  8. Or hotkey "cmd+," - default for accessing any Mac App preferences
  9. Many thanks to Clinton for building this - works exactly as hoped
  10. Fantastic! Yes it does exactly as requested. Much appreciated.
  11. ta da!! Seems to be similar issue that causes apps to be listed multiple times in the "Open with..." menu - fixed by: /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Support/lsregister -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user
  12. Thanks again for the efforts - your suggestion works with text files, but not binaries, I guess due to the limitations of pbcopy I'm wondering if the capability could be achieved via apple script, perhaps somehow calling finder to copy the files to the clipboard?
  13. Hi, Just checking out some Applescript and noticed that Alfred appears to have installed its dictionary many times. Guess this isn't intended?
  14. Like the suggestion, but doesn't pbcopy / pbpaste only work with text files? That said, I tried your suggestion using a workflow with a file action passing arguments to a script of: cat "{query}" | pbcopy Didn't work with text or other files Workflow I tried is here: http://sphardy.net/FsKu
  15. Not if I want to past them into another app Example: I've been consolidating a lot of data files into Evernote notebooks together with various text notes etc. Lots of copy & pasting from various sources that I could do almost entirely without resorting to mouse or trackpad if this option was supported
  16. Hi - I'm looking for an option to copy the actual file(s). It appears for now that Alfred can only copy the file path to the clipboard
  17. FYI: Just posted an update that corrects an occasional issue with double-quotes in the markdown
  18. If you have an iphone: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/67-dial-with-your-iphone-from-alfred/
  19. Hi When adding files to the file buffer is it possible to copy the files to the clipboard so that I can then paste them into another application? thanks ///sphardy
  20. Hi - I wanted to try to make at least one significant contribution to the beta, so here's a workflow that allows you to send selected markdown formatted text to Evernote via a hotkey. Not all my own work I'm sorry to say, but a flow I've wanted for a while and only investigated properly recently. (I spend a lot of time taking notes and writing up reports. Markdown support in Evernote would be ideal, but until then - Alfred comes to the rescue) It requires the installation of multimarkdown - available here: http://fletcherpenney.net/multimarkdown It reuses a script available here: http://nsuserview.kopischke.net/post/6223792409/i-can-has-some-markdown Evernote note title, notebook and tags can all be specified via markdown metadata. All other text is then imported to Evernote as HTML. Workflow available to download here: http://d.pr/f/2pUe Updated: Corrected issue with non-escaped double quotes
  21. PHP version appears to work for me also - no sqlite errors either
  22. You might want to consider semicolons - used to insert a dial pause, eg when entering a id/pin for a conference call
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