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  1. For fans of the IRC and quick answers I bring channels you will try to be available as much as you can. #alfredapp (for general purposes) #alfredev (for plugins/workflows development purposes) Both channels are available in freenode.net. I'll be grateful to those who want to collaborate in aid channels. If you never use IRC I recommend Textual.app in the appstore or compile your own app with the source code (If you encounter with troubles, write me a message me and I'll be grateful to help to compile this) Be my guest to write a comment about it if you have questions. Cheers!
  2. I am registered in #alfredapp & #alfredev on freenode if you have any questions about Alfred. I think it may be the default channel to be used so create a new entry to this forum http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/5607-alfred-on-irc-network/ Cheers!
  3. You try using this Remote Workflow http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/5540-keynote-remote/ Cheers!
  4. Any news about analytics of own workflows in packal dashboard?
  5. Keynote Remote Manage your presentation of Keynote with Alfred Remote iOS App Support Open Keynote, Start presentation in fullscreen, resume presentation and move to back next slides How to install Download package in this link and open with Alfred 2 and then go to Remote tab click in + button > workflow and click in Keynote Remote menu. Enjoy Screenshot
  6. I did an update. Now supports: Sleep Mode & Screensaver You can download here Cheers!
  7. I create a first approach of these feature for unlock your mac with Alfred Remote. You can download here Cheers!
  8. Description Manage your instance of Redis (Key/value Database) Up and Down process. Download workflow here or contribute with me here Screenshot Cheers!
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