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  1. Great workflow - thanks for that. One request - would it be possible to add the details of the Pinboard description field in the returned results? If I have a number of websites around a similar area I usually know which one I'm looking for by little notes I put in the description field. Either way, thanks again for a great workflow.
  2. Hi there - links are not working still. Just says 'There's nothing here'. Would you re-upload please? Cheers
  3. That's resolved it - must just be a timing issue. Many thanks for that - great workflow!
  4. Hi there, I can't seem to get the AppID to register. Every time I try to input the ID I get from the WA website it tries to validate and then keeps returning the message "xxxxx-xxxxxxxxx" Is Not A Valid AppID. Anyone else having this problem?
  5. Hi there - I know I'm probably missing something really basic, but when I go to the link provided and then download the Ay6a file, how do I the get this into my workflows? Clicking, dragging and dropping etc don't work for me, either on the .cpgz file or the unarchived file. I expect this to real red-faced moment by the way :-)
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