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Swift Windows Switcher [Safari/Chrome tabs support]

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I made an Alfred 3 workflow to search and switch between open windows in the system and Safari (and Chrome) tabs.

More app-by-app support are (hopefully) coming.

It is uses the companion native app, that's what makes it much faster than the other alternatives.



Sierra only (at the moment).

PS: Thanks to Emanuele Munafò and his "Windows Switcher" workflow for the inspiration.


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7 hours ago, mandrigin said:

Is it the Safari installation that comes with the OS? Or is it a Tech Preview (a separate installation)?
If possible, what's the bundle ID of Safari on your machine?


Yes, it's the one that comes with the OS. Bundle ID is 12603.1.29

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This is not working on my machine. I'm on Sierra 10.12.4 Beta (16E189a). It simply does nothing when invoking via keyword, or even setting a hotkey. Debugger doesn't even kick in. Alfred has permissions in accessibility as well.


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