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Opening Problem on Monterey After Clicking on Password Field


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5 hours ago, godbout said:

i've made a video but too big for here.


Could you pop an email to our info@ address with a link to it? Stick it on iCloud or Dropbox temporarily? 


Also, if Alfred *crashes*, could you please send any crash logs? I haven't heard of an actual Alfred crash in a very long time so I'd be very interested in taking a look at any logs you have from Console.



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done for the video. i could have done that and linked here actually. guess i'm still a sleepyhead. 


regarding the crash i'll send logs next time it happens. the last time it was when i used the Alfred Media Player. thanks! 

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48 minutes ago, godbout said:

regarding the crash i'll send logs next time it happens


If there's a crash, the log will still be available in Console under the Crash Logs header in the sidebar even if it happened a little while ago.


I'll take a look at your video and get back to you if we need more information.

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@godbout I've watched your video and it's very difficult to make out what you're doing without explanation or a view of your keypresses.


It looks like there may still be something interfering with your hotkey combo; If you change Alfred's hotkey combo to something obscure that definitely isn't used by another app you're using, what behaviour do you see?



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hmm. so what would be a better way? i can an app that shows the key pressed next time? (although that's going to steal keyboard presses too, might make it even worse :D)


i thought the video was pretty clear though. as explained in the email, i toggle Alfred on and off while Xcode is in fullscreen. you see Xcode UI flashing when it happens. it flashes because Alfred takes over, but not on the right (current) space, which i show by switching to that space (and we see that Alfred showed up wrongly on it).


anyways, will try something better next time then. thanks.

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@godbout If you change Alfred's hotkey combo to something obscure that definitely isn't used by another app you're using, what behaviour do you see? As I said, it still feels like a hotkey conflict so the first thing to try is to change the hotkey away from the coveted Cmd + Space or anything that could be used by another tool on your Mac.

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@VeroI experienced the loss of hotkey problem yesterday. It was 100% reproducible but only when Microsoft Teams presents its login prompt. I am pretty sure this has to do with Secure Keyboard Entry or something similar because when I was prompted for my password by the app, my Alfred hotkey (Control-Space) stopped working until I used Spotlight (Command-Space) to bring focus to Alfred, quit Alfred then re-launched it via Spotlight. However, every time the password prompt came up, Alfred's hotkey stopped working.


OTOH, Alfred did not crash. It simply stopped responding to the hotkey shortcut.


And FWIW, I had to disable Secure Keyboard Entry in iTerm2 or else Alfred's hotkey stopped working altogether.


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There are two unrelated issues being discussed in this thread concurrently, so I'll first respond to the issue of Alfred's hotkey not triggering the window.


A small number of users on Monterey seem to be experiencing an issue where the Alfred hotkey cannot be used when certain apps and fields are in focus. This may be due to a change in Monterey's security features; In this case, it looks like it aims to stop apps from simulating being a secure input field. 


When this occurs, @itabraham highlighted that Console presents this message:


On 10/28/2021 at 7:08 PM, itabraham said:
WindowServer	CPS: Denying Alfred the right to be in front because secureTextInput is active and this process doesn't have secure text mode enabled, and this request was not caused by user activity


We've tested a variety of scenarios in Monterey using 1Password, Keychain, Safari with a password field, and a few other apps to trigger secure input mode, and Alfred's hotkey has worked normally in every instance. As we've been unable to replicate this, we'll need the help of those who are affected to establish in what scenarios this can happen.


When you encounter this scenario where the Alfred hotkey can't be used:

  • Which apps are in focus right now? Which apps are running on your Mac?
  • If it's an app with plugins (e.g. Chrome), what happens if you disable or completely remove the plugins? Bitwarden seems to have been one of the potential interfering parties so far, perhaps Microsoft Teams?
  • Does Console show the message quoted above?

If you're able to help us work out when/how this happens, as Andrew said earlier on, we may be able to make the WindowServer aware that Alfred's search box popping up is "caused by user activity". 


@godbout Given your issue is different to the above, can you please get back to us by email to keep this thread focused? 

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19 minutes ago, Vero said:

A small number of users on Monterey seem to be experiencing an issue where the Alfred hotkey cannot be used when certain apps and fields are in focus

Please excuse the intrusion—especially if you feel it's irrelevant, but… I have posted previously about macOS (both Big Sur and Monterey) falsely considering secure input is enabled. Aside from doing what you suggest to see which apps are at fault I've discovered this can often happen if you have a MacBook Pro which unlocks from an Apple Watch. On many occasions when I've discovered the problem (usualy because my Typinator text expander app stops working) I can instantly fix the problem by locking my MacBook Pro (using Alfred, of course!) and then unlocking it using Touch ID. I reported the apparent bug to Apple at least two years ago.


I mention this only in case it helps anyone who may be in a similar position (i.e., unlocking with an Apple Watch).



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