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    xilopaint reacted to vitor in MarkdownTransform — Convert Markdown to other formats   
    Ah, yes, I forgot to mention that just before that comment I updated the Workflow’s dependencies. Though I was expecting it to still need further fixing for Catalina, but great that it’s working for you! Let’s see if it’s working for @deanishe as well.
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    xilopaint reacted to Bandicoot in COVID-19 Radar   
    Hey, thank you for this - from Down Under. Please stay safe. 
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    xilopaint got a reaction from cands in COVID-19 Radar   
    Hey guys, I just created a workflow for keeping track of COVID-19 statistics. Stay safe!
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    xilopaint got a reaction from JJJJ in COVID-19 Radar   
    Hey guys, I just created a workflow for keeping track of COVID-19 statistics. Stay safe!
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    xilopaint reacted to Jasondm007 in PDF Actions (so far only splitting double pages)   
    @dfay & @xilopaint - Thank you both so much for sharing your workflows for splitting double paged PDFs. You guys are a lifesaver! I have been doing this manually in Adobe Acrobat for eons - and cursing every moment of it. Can't thank you both enough!!
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    xilopaint reacted to deanishe in Workflow Library for Python   
    V2 will be a Python 3-only rewrite. The question is when I'll get round to writing it. Motivation is currently zero.
    I'm one of the many people who looked at the catastrophic Py2 to Py3 transition and moved to Go instead. I still use Python, but rarely for workflows: Go is just so much better-suited to Alfred workflows (and a lot of other stuff I would have normally used Py2 for).
    I also don't have Catalina (the only version of macOS with Python 3), and don't see myself installing it any time soon. I'm planning to buy a new Mac, but when I do, I'll be installing Mavericks on it.
    I will try to do it sometime this year, but that's literally my time horizon: "sometime this year". And I make no promises on that. Py3 is, in my eyes, largely stupid.
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    xilopaint reacted to deanishe in Goodreads Search   
    Search Goodreads.com from Alfred.

    Download from GitHub.
    Search by book/author List books by author Open details on Goodreads.com Add custom hotkeys to pass title/author etc. to your own URLs  
    See the documentation on GitHub for more information.
    You need to get a Goodreads API key from here. Add it to the workflow with grconf > API Key Not Set.
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    xilopaint got a reaction from Roman52 in Tiny PNG workflow [Updated to v1.2]   
    Try this:
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    xilopaint reacted to vitor in Calculate Anything   
    Culinary units are used outside of the USA, and have precise metric measurements.
    @biati How are you handling auto-updates? Does the Workflow support them? If not, I can help you set it up with OneUpdater (disclaimer: I’m the author).

    I found some references to Packal inside the Workflow. Did you upload this to Packal, download it again, and made updates on that version? Either way, using Packal is no longer recommended, as the website is abandoned and buggy. The official place to share Workflows is the forums.
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    xilopaint reacted to bivalvegruff in Menu bar search   
    This broke with Catalina. I'm getting an error message saying that Apple can't verify that it doesn't contain sabotage software and that the developer has to update its "app" (workflow).
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    xilopaint reacted to Vero in Duplicate apps in results (10.15 and V4)   
    @MVR London Did you type "reload" into Alfred? This will refresh the app cache for any apps that may no longer exist in the old location.
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    xilopaint reacted to Andrew in Duplicate apps in results (10.15 and V4)   
    @unitof Alfred is showing the actual location of the apps as passed back to him by macOS when searching.
    I'm going to be adding a bit of logic to be able to show the virtual locations of the apps (/Applications/.../) in a future release.
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    xilopaint got a reaction from Luis1v1 in FineReader   
    Unfortunately I can't reproduce your issue without the App Store version installed.
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    xilopaint got a reaction from Luis1v1 in FineReader   
    Scan and convert PDF documents and images of text into editable and searchable files using FineReader with Alfred.
    Using file actions or hotkeys the user can convert one or more PDF documents and images of text (.png and .jpg) into searchable PDFs, Word documents (.docx) or Excel worksheets (.xlsx).
    Download from Packal
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    xilopaint reacted to deanishe in Find and open Sublime Text Projects   
    Just released v3.
    Rewrote the workflow in Go for much speed Add ability to open project folders New, prettier icons
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    xilopaint reacted to GuiB in Allow jumping to Contacts fields in Alfred Contact view from keyboard   
    @Andrew, great addition, thanks! Just played a bit with it and this will be useful, but I was wondering if it would be possible to make it so it filters the list or the Up/Down arrows jump between fields that match the query?
    For example, if I have a Work Phone Number + a Work Address, I could type "work" and use the arrows to jump between those fields.
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    xilopaint reacted to codycodes in Alfred Books: Use Alfred as an interface to access Apple's Books application   
    Overview here, with the latest release you can install here.

    Summary of the current features (6-30-19):
    You can search for title and author using the keyword search (default is "ib").
    You can also use options as follows (in the format "ib -a" for each option, respectively):
    -a  search by author only  
    -t  search by title only  
    -g  search by genre only  
    -h  get available options for using this workflow
    By default, if a title doesn't have a genre, Alfred Books won't be able to search for it.
    While searching, you can press ⌘L to see some metadata about the selected title; this includes:  
    title and author,  genre, percentage read, description
    While searching, pressing ⇧ (shift) on a selected title will attempt to show a cover and the actual filename.
    While searching, pressing your action button (one of the following: → (right arrow), fn, ctrl, ⇥ (tab)) will allow you to act directly on the Books file. Be cautious here, as modifying the file from this interface may cause inconsistencies with the Books sqlite database, causing you to need to modify the actual sqlite database if you say modify or delete a file here.
    This software (currently) only searches for downloaded books by confirming an accessible path to said file in the Books sqlite database. If they're on iCloud and not downloaded, they won't show up in Alfred Books!
    If you have any issues whatsoever using this software, or if you have recommendations for features, please visit:
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    xilopaint reacted to Dasblatz in Make PopClip Appear   
    now I got it to work
    Unsigned Extension Warning By default, PopClip will display a warning dialog when you try to install your own extension, because it is not digitally signed by Pilotmoon Software. If you find this gets annoying while you are testing your work, you can turn off the warning. Run the following command at the Terminal, then Quit and restart PopClip: defaults write com.pilotmoon.popclip LoadUnsignedExtensions -bool YES Please be aware that PopClip extensions can contain arbitrary executable scripts. Be careful about the extensions you create, and be wary about loading extensions you get from someone else. Proceed at your own risk.  
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    xilopaint reacted to RodgerWW in About This Mac   
    I was just going to ask if I could link to it ... DONE!
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    xilopaint got a reaction from evanfuchs in Make PopClip Appear   
    Hey, I've just built it!
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    xilopaint reacted to Belfong in Could anyone make a workflow for Soulver?   
    Soulver 3, which was just released a week or two ago, include a Alfred workflow to do just what you wanted .. it works beautifully ! 
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    xilopaint got a reaction from Bhishan in Smart calculations with Numi   
    Have you seen the post immediately above yours?
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    xilopaint reacted to deanishe in About This Mac   
    Not that I know of.
    The model names are contained in /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/ServerInformation.framework/Versions/A/Resources/English.lproj/SIMachineAttributes.plist, and I found some code that the author says can convert a model name into its icon, so perhaps you could read the model names from the plist and feed them to that code to get the right icons?
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    xilopaint reacted to Andrew in [SOLVED] Alfred 3 vs 4 compatibility   
    @xilopaint It's not quite that simple, many of the workflow objects have had updates adding additional features which make them no longer compatible with Alfred 3.
    Alfred 4 can happily load Alfred 3 workflows, so if there is an absolute need for a workflow to work in Alfred 3 and Alfred 4, you'll need to create it in Alfred 3.
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    xilopaint reacted to deanishe in Sharing on GitHub   
    I have one workflow per repo so I can use GitHub releases for updates.
    Fundamentally, I have a subdirectory with the actual workflow contents (that I can symlink or copy to Alfred’s workflow directory).
    In the case of scripting languages, this is called “src”,  and I have the README, licence and probably the built workflow in the repo root.
    In the case of compiled languages (Go in my case), the “build” subdirectory is what gets linked to Alfred’s workflow directory. The top-level contains code and build scripts (as is normal with Go).
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