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Evernote Workflow 9 beta 4 (Alfred 4)

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@Gordano Take a look at the first post and check that you're using the right version of Evernote. As per the post, you must use Evernote from Evernote.com and not from the App Store.


If you could also let us know which version of Alfred, Evernote and macOS (the specific Mojave build) you're using, it'd be helpful :)



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@deanishe I forgot for a debugger. Error now, it looks like:

Starting debug for 'Evernote'

[2018-10-04 14:49:02][ERROR: input.scriptfilter] Code 1: 0:48: execution error: Нет прав доступа для отправки событий Apple Events (получатель: «System Events»). (-1743)


in English sound like this:

Starting debug for 'Evernote'

[2018-10-04 14:49:02][ERROR: input.scriptfilter] Code 1: 0:48: execution error: No permitions for events send  Apple Events (receiver: «System Events»). (-1743)

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@Gordano Have you restarted your Mac since granting permissions? I've only seen one other user so far with this kind of error message, and restarting his Mac caused macOS to finally recognise the permissions.


If you can also confirm which permissions you've granted from this list, it'll be helpful in establishing if there's anything else missing for Alfred to be able to 1. launch Evernote, 2. search the relevant files:




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1 hour ago, Vero said:

For future users who might encounter a similar issue, did you need to add a particular permission? Or were the permissions correct and you just needed to restart your Mac?

Just simple add Alfred app to:
System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy.
- Accessibility
- Full Disk Access
- Automation

  • System events 
  • Terminal

Reboot is not needed.

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Hi --


Thank you very much for making this workflow available. Is it possible to use the workflow to quickly repeatedly add items to the same Evernote note? In particular, I'm looking to be able to quickly add without always selecting the destination note, either by pre-configuring a particular note or with a "add to the same note I most recently added to" command.


Any suggestions?



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>Evernote 6+ from Evernote.com

So the workflow doesn't function on Evernote in the browser?!

Do I have to download EN? How for the Mac? I'm on the Evernote free plan.



When continuing writing after "ens" it changes to a Google search, so it's not working with EN online?!


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

With best regards,
Omar KN

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@OmarKN Yes, the workflow requires that Evernote is installed locally as it can't interact with the website version. 


Is there any reason you'd want to download Evernote 6? I strongly encourage you to download Evernote 7 and the most recent version of the workflow under the "Download Evernote 9 beta 3" header, rather than the older version.


You can grab the latest version of Evernote from this page:




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Hi Carlos-Sz, first of all excellent job for the workflow. I really appreciate your hard work on it.


Could I make a suggestion that when making notes using the "New Note from Clipboard(Text)", is it possible we can keep the format of the text, e.g. the font size, font color, etc. For current version, it seems it will just ignore all of the formats of the text. Or if the released version couldn't have that functionality, can you point me to the right direction so I could modify the corresponding code? 


Thanks again. Carlos-Sz. 😁



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