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Emoji Taco - (downloads emoji from unicode.org)

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This emoji workflow scrapes Unicode.org to pull down the latest set of emoji!!. On the first run, you must be connected to the Internet so that you can generate the initial Emoji set. As new emoji are released you are able to re-query unicode.org to download the latest emoji set. There may be situations where you have emoji that do not display correctly on osx but would render correctly on ios .  This is because the emoji list on ios and osx are updated at different times.  



  • init emoji
  • e <search string>


The first time you run this workflow use the command init emoji to start the download process.


To trigger an emoji search you use the e button and start typing a search term





You can get funky and use - to exclude something such as in this case








*  0.9.6 - Added new commands like:

*  0.9.28 - New Icon

0.9.29 - Auto-Init if no emoji is loaded yet

0.9.32 - Updated to support new Unicode.org file format

0.9.36 - Added support for automated testing to detect changes in the Unicode source document.  A recent change disabled the plugin. 

0.9.38 - Extra headers - Supports latest Unicode File format change

0.9.54 - Latest and greatest - works and has been working for some time now :)  

* 0.9.55 - Updated documentation to match what we have now



alt/option (⌥) - Show Unicode Values
cmd (⌘) - Show Python String
ctrl (⌃) - Show Python String decoded
shift (⇧) - Display the image in QuickLook


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If you are not running the "latest and greatest" its possible Emoji wont render on your system.  The Emoji data comes off the Unicode website and I believe the Apple support gets updated depending on the support in the latest beta.  Aka - I can't do bacon emoji right now but its supposed to be coming in iOS 10.2

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Hey @jeffsui , this looks great! I was actually looking for a taco emoji and I stumbled upon this workflow! I used to make workflows in the past, but its been a while and I have a question. How do I change the keyword for the workflow? When I type `e`, too many other things pop up and I don't see your workflow. 



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On 5/26/2020 at 6:14 AM, godbout said:

sorry just need to pass by to say that i cannot live without this Workflow. all my love to you taco man  ❤️


Me neither!  (but then again thats why I wrote it).


The only thing I wish I had was a better way to search for emoji - as unicode.org doesn't really listen the aliases out there.

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3 hours ago, godbout said:

just speeding again through here to send some love ❤️❤️❤️ (hope i will not be banned for it)


We most definitely don't ban anyone for giving love to workflows that deserve it. :) 


Mmmm tacos...

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Posted (edited)

@jeffsui I've downloaded an run init emoji, waited for the progress bar etc and it says complete. However unfortunately it seems like no emoji works.


Is there anything I can do to get it working?






Edit: After uninstalling, deleting Alfred's preferences, restarting, and not running init emoji, I now see invisible emoji:



So for now it works, but there are no previews at all.


Someone else has reported the same issue here:



Is anyone else having issues?

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