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  1. See If Spark has added scripting it’s possible, but I’d be surprised given the company’s record.
  2. This is actually really nice - now that I'm used to Drafts on iOS where one starts with text and acts on it. I had ignored the thread the first time round but I need to give this a try on a regular basis. What would it take to allow execution of keywords / list filters / script filters as well? Ideally I'd like to set up a whitelist of a half dozen or so that I could use, leaving all other disabled. Frequently I'll use searches to locate a book in libraries, for example, then run a workflow to download the citation and add it to BibDesk.
  3. I'm not sure I'd like holding down a modifier key while typing keywords and arguments.
  4. I use Hazel to do this - since a DT database is a package you could just have Hazel add the tag to every file within it, I believe.
  5. Just use a one line AppleScript tell application "Finder" to print selection this will print using whatever the system default app for the file type is. Works fine for Pages for me. Or in an Alfred file action where Language is AppleScript and input is {query}: tell application "Finder" to print POSIX file "{query}"
  6. How does eject differ from the built-in eject command?
  7. You’ll need a snippet trigger and a workflow - see
  8. The answer will depend on the app - you’ll need to use Applescript & implementation is highly variable...
  9. I happened to be working on extracting some data from an .xlsx file earlier and ended up using python & openpyxl - just wondering why you used xlrd instead @deanishe. I'm sure you have a good reason & I know you know python way better than me....
  10. Regardless of file type? In any case, you can do this by creating a custom File Action. See https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/triggers/file-action/ and https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/triggers/file-action/
  11. You can just replace all the references in info.plist to Alfred 2 with Alfred & it will work. Except the .taglist is taking eons to complete.
  12. Here's my version (the bash script anyway) pbpaste | /usr/local/bin/bbedit --clean --view-top It gives a more Drafts-like experience by using the --clean option - you can just close the window when you're done and forget about it, no messing around with filenames.
  13. I'd use Hazel to automatically add an alfred:ignore tag to those items - unless you really want them to show elsewhere or you don't use Hazel...
  14. @Carlos-Sz would it be possible for you to post the AppleScript source somewhere for those of us who don't have Script Debugger? The .scpt files don't even open in Script Editor (on Mojave).
  15. Hi -- I think you've posted this in the wrong thread -- this isn't the FineReader workflow & I have no experience with that app.
  16. At the end of this thread there’s an example of trying to target multiple PDF apps (Skim, Preview and Devonthink) with a single Applescript - it’s doable but requires a lot of testing and customizing - unfortunately Applescript grammar isn’t standard even for these most basic tasks.
  17. I was hopeful but it still produces a silence, even with the sound option off in notifications and no new notifications. And as soon as I navigate to another site, the radio comes back on.
  18. Just noticed something very odd. When I have my phone plugged into CarPlay and navigate to the Alfred Forum site, my head unit, which was playing the radio, went silent. It only does this when there's something on a web page playing audio or video. Is there a hidden video or something playing here?
  19. Cue the complaints: why is Alfred littering my file system with random 0 byte files with no extension?
  20. Alternatively you can use Fake, http://fakeapp.com/ , by the developer of Fluid, which lets you use Applescript to control browser interactions. I use this in a lot of workflows to semi-automate interactions with Blackboard courseware.
  21. this script will let you import in bulk from csv: https://github.com/derickfay/import-alfred-snippets
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