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  1. I'm glad to hear it is working. I'll make a few more tests then I'll release it.
  2. I'll make some tests later today. You can keep using version 1.3 though.
  3. Here is a new workflow version that I'm still testing. If you'd like to try it download it here. Note that you have to configure the workflow in Alfred Preferences as seen below:
  4. @All Here is a new version that uses Workflow Variables to handle settings. In order to enter your Pinboard API token go here: Download Version 1.4
  5. The first time: before entering the API token you have to press Enter then a new Alfred window will be displayed for you to, finally, enter the API token. I have just tested and it worked.
  6. I'll update the workflow for Alfred 3 as soon as possible. Thank you.
  7. You can try Evernote syntax for that: resource:application/pdf Read more about it here.
  8. Regarding compatibility: - Some workflows using AppleScript call Alfred 2 application to use its dictionary (I know Andrew know about it) - In addition, some workflows have the Alfred 2 data folder path hard coded and they have to be changed to the Alfred 3 one All my workflows have to be updated and, after that, they will only work with Alfred 3. Just in time: there should be an option to export a workflow to an Universal Alfred version or only for Alfred 3. However, I´m not sure if there will be too much Alfred 2 users after all.
  9. It seems to be working here. Can you please let me know what the command you are typing?
  10. Not for now. Eventually. I need to take the time to update the workflows first.
  11. Zip 4.0 for Alfred 3 Please make some tests before using it for good. Download
  12. Unfortunately I don’t use Apple Music. I hope someone else can help us here.
  13. I’ll update the workflow as soon as possible. Thank you for your feedback!
  14. Here is the first beta of Evernote workflow version 9 with Alfred 3 support: Download Please use it with caution and make some tests before changing important notes.
  15. @All The workflow needs an update to work properly with Alfred 3. I’m doing it right now and after some tests I will release it here.
  16. The workflow is following the Alfred app directions regarding saving its preferences and settings. Right now, due the updates I need to make in all my workflows, there is no plan to add such option. Right now, due the updates I need to make in all my workflows, there is no plan to add such option. I’ll update it in the future.
  17. As far as I could check it seems imgur is not accepting this way of uploading an image.
  18. @All Here is a first Alfred 3 version of Pinboard workflow: download
  19. @ All I've already started some Alfred 3 tests and updates and soon I'll try to fix the bugs. Thank you all for the feedback.
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