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    zeitlings reacted to deanishe in [SOLVED] About the "https://searx.me" search engine workflow!   
    I see. You want what I originally posted. Copy this and paste it into Alfred:
    alfred://customsearch/searx.me/searx/utf8/%2B/https%3A%2F%2Fsearx.me%2F%3Fq%3D%7Bquery%7D It tells Alfred to create a search for this URL https://searx.me/?q={query} with the keyword "searx".
    The {query} is hard to find because searx.me uses POST by default (the query isn't shown in the URL). It also supports GET, though. To find the right URL, I did "Inspect Element" on the search box in Safari to find the name of the search query parameter:

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    zeitlings reacted to deanishe in Using data pulled via from API to JSON   
    Using my Python library for workflows, you'd use a Script Filter and the code would look something like the below. You haven't provided enough information to actually test it, though (such as the actual API you're using), so this is an untested guess.
    import sys from workflow import Workflow3, web log = None def main(wf): query = wf.args[0] url = 'https://api.website.com/?domain={}&apikey={}&output=json'.format(query, apikey) r = web.get(url) r.raise_for_status() data = r.json() wf.add_item('DNS test of ' + query) wf.add_item('Expected response: ' + data['expectedresponse']) for i, d in enumerate(data['response']['server']): title = '{} {} - {} - {}'.format( i + 1, d['location'], d['resultvalue'], d['resultstatus']) wf.add_item(title) wf.send_feedback() if __name__ == '__main__': wf = Workflow3() log = wf.logger sys.exit(wf.run(main))  
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    zeitlings got a reaction from dfay in Simple LaTeX ⟷ Markdown converter using Pandoc   
    LaTeX ⟷ Markdown Alfred Workflow
    Quickly convert Markdown to LaTeX or vice versa from your clipboard with Pandoc.

    A simple routine to convert snippets of markdown to LateX from your clipboard or vice versa. The workflow creates either a *.md or *.tex file relative to your input and at the location you choose. The file is converted with Pandoc by calling it from the terminal. The converted file subsequently gets output at the same place. Existing files will be overwritten.
    Pandoc is key and has to be installed:
    $ brew install pandoc GitHub: 
    github.com/zeitlings/alfred-latex-md/raw/master/LaTeX-MD.alfredworkflow (direct download) 
      Alternative Method: Clipboard only
    An altered version that removes all created files and copies the converted output back to your clipboard:
    Convert markdown to LateX from your clipboard or vice versa. The workflow creates either a  *.md or *.tex file at your ~/Documents folder. The file will be converted with pandoc by calling it from the Terminal. The contents of the converted file will be copied to your clipboard. Both files will be moved to your trash bin.
    github.com/zeitlings/alfred-latex-md-direct/raw/master/LaTeX-MD-direct.alfredworkflow (direct download) 
    The workflow is piggybagging off these two:
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