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  1. Yes it does. Btw, it's a case in which the translation was made literally. In most cases the "translation" for the Brazilian market gives some really stupid titles to the movies. "The Hangover", for example, was translated as "If you drink, don't get marry". "Lost in Translation" was translated as something like "Matches and Mismatches" (the idiot was literally lost in translation). They have to "translate" even a title that is a character's name like "Annie Hall", "translated" in Brazil as "Neurotic fiance, nervous bride". A ~tech related~ case
  2. Can it be a word? If you try canalizador you will have mostly plumber related videos in pt-PT results and mostly random results in pt-BR. If you type the letter v, PT-pt results will display a hip hop Portuguese singer in the first result: But not in pt-BR in which a trending Brazilian song (a terrible one) is displayed in first place:
  3. In fact if you edit the phone number field by removing only one character and reinserting it immediately you will have the phone number correctly formatted in Alfred in the same way as Contacts.app.
  4. The hl parameter specifies the web interface language (host language). If you don't use pt-BR in your youtube.json you will not have Brazilian Portuguese results.
  5. Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese codes are wrong in youtube.json. The correct codes are pt-PT and pt-BR and not pt and br.
  6. Never mind! I just realized the results were unchanged because they were cached. I cleared the cache and now I have nearby results! Thanks again, deanishe!
  7. Hey deanishe, I have built the workflow from the source folder, as the binary file was not updated by you in GitHub, and can't see these options in the configuration sheet.
  8. It's a known issue with macOS Contacts API which is used by Alfred. Two years ago @Vero mentioned in the following post that they had a ticket to address the issue in a major version, but the fix didn't come out yet.
  9. Thank you! Could you update the binary so that others can benefit from the changes more easily?
  10. It's strange. My IP location is in my city in Brazil. Look at these results: Italy, UK, Indonesia and Australia.
  11. I have been using version 2 and got a key for Google Places API Web Service, but the search doesn't take my location into account, so I have to type my city's name. Is this the expected behavior?
  12. @deanishe, when I ask you a question you answer at once: 1) what I asked; 2) what I had planned to ask in the next post; 3) what I should have asked but I didn't because I am too dumb for it. You would make a great teacher. Thank you for being so awesome!
  13. Hey deanishe, I am thinking about starting to use Notify.app in some workflows of mine. From what I understand, I have to "install" the app with workflow.notify.install_notifier() so it's copied to data directory. I don't see the best implementation for this. Should I write my script in a way it checks if Notify.app is present in data directory otherwise workflow.notify.install_notifier() is executed? I feel there's a better way.
  14. Had you not shortened the update interval of OneUpdater?
  15. Update (v2.5.1) Bug fix Fixed a bug in the batch optimization flow.
  16. Update (v2.5): Ability to track the optimization process Added script filter to track the optimization process by the keyword progress, especially useful for large files.
  17. I tried to use settings API of alfred-workflow and had some issues. In some tests the last line of the subprocess output was not added to settings.json file. Using "with statements" to write and open the files I had no issues. Is wf.settings somewhat slow or bad for using in loops? This is working well: proc = Popen(command, shell=True, stdout=PIPE) page_number = 1 while proc.poll() is None: line = proc.stdout.readline() if "SOURCE PAGE" in line: with open(file_page_number, 'w') as f2: f2.write(str(page_number)) page_number = page_number + 1
  18. Thank you, @deanishe. I had already read a similar solution here. My problem is my subprocess is executed from a Run Script object and I need the capability of invoking a Script Filter whenever I want to check the progress (what can happen multiple times in a single execution with large files) . How can I better achieve this? Should I write the output of the subprocess in a file and retrieve the data with the Script Filter or there is any better way?
  19. @deanishe The Optimize action of this workflow executes a subprocess called k2pdfopt. While running, this subprocess outputs the progress of the operation (tipically informing the conclusion of each page of the PDF file). Look: Since the operation can take a long time in larger PDF files it would be very neat to show the progress of the operation in Alfred bar, maybe invoking a Script Filter or something that can inform how many pages were processed. Do you know if it's possible to retrieve the output of the subprocess for this purpose?
  20. In a non-English macOS "screen shot" is translated in accordance with the language.
  21. I don't know if it's your case but the workflow doesn't work if your default macOS language is not English.
  22. @deanishe any plans to release the stable version of Searchio 2.0 in the near future?
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