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  1. Update (v2.4.1): Minor fix Fixed an issue that prevented notifications to be posted when the merge file action was followed by the ⌘ modifier key.
  2. Update (v2.4): Improved merge feature Added ability to merge the selected PDF files without moving them to Trash. Use the ⌘ modifier key instead if you want to move them to Trash after merging.
  3. Currently the source files are moved to trash after merging so it's not possible. However it can be easily implemented. Give me a couple days and I will add the feature in the next release.
  4. What's the best way to remove a key? When trying to use json.load() for reading settings_path and dict.pop to remove the key I get AttributeError: 'unicode' object has no attribute 'pop'. with open(wf.settings_path, 'r') as f: data = json.load(f) for element in data: element.pop('AAPL', None) with open(wf.settings_path, 'w') as f: json.dump(data, f)
  5. I want to save ticker symbols (one at a time) for later use in a script filter. Do I have to implement some logic to prevent settings API from overwriting the previous saved ticker symbol or the library can handle this situation in some way?
  6. v0.2.6 is broken for me because I don't have Chrome installed. v0.2.5 is working fine.
  7. I need to create a keyword that will be invoked by the user in order to cache the entered argument (a stock symbol) for reusing in a script filter. Is there any easy way to achieve this with the library? I was looking into some methods like cache_data and store_data but I am not certain they can do the job.
  8. I agree the title in Notification Center is not that important. Actually my main need is to set a custom icon for error messages on the right side. I would like the ability to have the workflow icon on the left side and a custom icon on the right side. At the moment there is no design difference in my workflows between a notification that states a task was completed and another one that states some error occurred.
  9. Great! Will notificator allow me to use a different icon on the right side as you can see on the Spotify Mini Player example? In error messages would be useful to adopt the workflow icon on the left and an error icon on the right.
  10. In what points notificator is better than terminal-notifier?
  11. You have a good point about the first notification, but I still care about how it looks on Notification Center. Do you have a clue on how the creator of Spotify Mini Player achieved this:
  12. It's a subtle difference, but I still prefer to have ALFRED 3 in the title rather than TERMINAL-NOTIFIER. Don't you like to have the bigger icon on the right side?
  13. @vitor, let me hijack the thread for a simple question. I see in this workflow you used terminal-notifier rather than Post Notification. What's the reason for the choice?
  14. Geez! I didn't know about the Dash docset!!! <3
  15. Python is lacking a subtitle: Additionally, I would split Python 2 and 3.
  16. add_modifier is a way better query. I tried modifier with no success. People aren't always smart doing searches.
  17. Thank you! I searched the documentation for a link dedicated to the modifier keys and once I didn't find I assumed there were none. Would it be a good idea adding one?
  18. I haven't managed to set modifier keys using the Item3.add_modifier() method for Alfred 3. Is there a sample somewhere?
  19. @Vero, some people requested a working days calculation feature in the excellent MuppetGate's workflow but he couldn't find a way to implement the feature. So please, send my request to Andrew.
  20. Would it be possible to add a feature for generating relative dates considering working days only? (e.g. date +18wd)
  21. Please, add Tapatalk support for the forum! In mobile devices tapatalk app provides a forum experience much better than browsers.
  22. If you talk about Word to PDF Converter it's a workflow of mine. I have no plans to add this feature to APT.
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