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  1. It's not an issue. I was just trying to figure out if there was a cleaner way of appending data to a datastore than the one I was thinking about. Alfred-Workflow is such an awesome library that in many occasions I try to implement something in a way until I realise that there is an even simpler method of achieving my goal. Sorry for bugging you with dumb questions. My English is too bad and my coding skills are even worse.
  2. Is there any way/method to append data to a datastore without having to retrieve the data with Workflow.stored_data() before?
  3. Hey @deanishe. I am building a workflow for my personal use in which I will need to store strings (dozens of phone numbers and a few places) for later use. Considering the simplicity of the data it would be better achieved with Workflow.settings or I should use Workflow.store_data()? As for Workflow.store_data(), is it possible to add new data in the same cpickle file? I have read in the docs that "datastore does NOT support mutliple threads", so it means the answer is no? If it's not possible maybe I should use Settings API in order to avoid having a bunch of files in the data
  4. Well, so I presume it's stable. I will update my workflow with it. Thanks again, @vitor.
  5. @nikivi, do you know why it didn't work in your fist attempt?
  6. You shouldn't have edited your post. I will repost it here for the sake of discussion: I downloaded your workflow and didn't manage to update in the first attempts as well (don't have a clue why). After some attempts it started to work. The same thing occurred when I tried to test with my workflow, but I didn't tell anything here because I thought I was missing something. Now I'm afraid there's some unpredictable behaviour with @vitor's implementation of the new feature. I hope I am not misleading here. It's a very welcome feature.
  7. It was set to 0 for the test so the download action is triggered in the first run.
  8. Hey @vitor, would it be possible to change OneUpdater for downloading the workflow file of the latest release instead of the one in the repo? It would be a nice feature that would allow us to keep track of the download count of the latest release of our workflows using the GitHub API.
  9. If I can't manage to fix this with BTT folks I will have to live with the issue. At least now I know the 1s delay workaround.
  10. The problem was BetterTouchTool. Before engaging this discussion I tried to disable the app and the bad behaviour with Alfred continued. Now I see that quitting the app is necessary. It's strange because BTT doesn't seem to affect other apps that I have installed.
  11. It only drags if I put three fingers on the trackpad and wait about one second as described by @vitor.
  12. Here is the opposite. If I miss the step 2 it doesn't work in Alfred. In the rest of macOS I don't need the step 2.
  13. No. Now I see that if I do a "explicit" tap between one thing and other I can move all nodes at once which is pretty weird. It's not consistent with the macOS normal behaviour, just try to three finger drag multiple files in Finder and you will note that "explicitly" tapping after 3f selecting is not required to 3f dragging all of them.
  14. You have to enable three finger drag and Tap to click.
  15. @vitor, I know nothing about ruby. What's the best way to install the latest version without mess with the ruby's macOS installation? Should I use Homebrew? Here I see that I can use RVM or rbenv (I don't have a clue about the difference).
  16. Update (v1.1.2) Fixed a bug in which a to-do marked as completed or canceled was still displayed in its original list after Alfred was called back.
  17. Changing the data folder path will not fix any issue with the workflow. Additionally, hard-coding the data folder path is not a good practice as you can use the environment variable like I told four posts above yours:
  18. True. Are you English, right? One of the greatest Ronaldo's performances I remember was against ManU in UCL when he was applauded in Old Trafford: Unfortunately, that was not enough and Real Madrid ended up losing the match. I don't know why but I think the games of nowadays don't have those epic feelings. Btw, what happens with the English team in World Cups? You guys seem to never display all your perceived potential.
  19. Two goals in a WC final match against Germany should count for something.
  20. Update (v1.1.1) Fixed a bug in Add To-do action that added new to-dos at the end of the list instead of the beginning.
  21. None of them is more clutch than Ronaldo (the true one, not the fake of nowadays).
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