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  1. I have also read that one can get timeout issues while uploading workflows to Packal. Is there a possibility that I can't upload the .alfredworkflow file because of my slow internet connection (just 10 Mbit/s) and I am just timing out? I tell this because I have to wait some time until I can see the file was not uploaded. I mean that I don't get any instant warning saying the file can't be uploaded because of its size, I really have to wait some time as the upload seems in process until I can see it's not actually done and Packal doesn't return any reason.
  2. Do you mean downloading the file from this link? If so it's working for me. EDIT: I have posted before to see your edition. Sorry.
  3. The same file is in the repo. According to GitHub Help page "Files that you add to a repository via a browser are limited to 25 MB per file. You can add larger files, up to 100 MB each, via the command line."
  4. I have withdrawn my Alfred PDF Tools workflow from Packal because the upload of its `.alfredworkflow` file didn't complete in many attempts what I think has to do with the file size being larger than the 10 MB limit. So I dug into the issue and found out this post by @rice.shawn where he points out: Well, it's not the case of the latest release of my Alfred PDF Tools workflow in GitHub. As you can see it's a 11.3 MB `.alfredworkflow` file. I really would like adding my workflow to Packal again since many people find workflows on that database.
  5. Update (v2.0): This is a major update. Now Alfred PDF Tools can optimize and compress PDF files. This release also added an auto-update feature.
  6. My performance was heavily affected for a long time for this issue. Maybe the issue and this script solution could get more attention in a specific warning thread. Don't get me wrong but this is big.
  7. It's working! But I cannot simplify the connections since the workflow not always outputs a notification. Thank you, @vitor! It's a neat update feature!
  8. Can this release address this issue with Sublime Text Projects workflow?
  9. I tried to downgrade the version number on configuration sheet to test if OneUpdater does its job and nothing has changed. I may be missing something.
  10. @vitor, I also didn't get to test it in the latest version of my workflow. Can't see nothing about OneUpdater on debugger. Do you mind to test it for me and tell me if everything is well set? https://github.com/xilopaint/alfred-pdf-tools/releases/download/v2.0/Alfred.PDF.Tools.alfredworkflow
  11. @vitor, I agree External Script option looks the best choice for my case. But I have dozens of workflows of the Alfred community, including 13 created by you, and I couldn't find a single one that makes use of this option. Is there any reason for this? It should fit in many cases, shouldn't it?
  12. Thank you for the very valuable answer, @vitor. I will edit some of my workflows to adopt the External Script option. The code was from Markdown to BBCode by Carlos-Sz. I just edited the OP with MarkdownBulletin.
  13. When creating a python workflow I use to set /bin/bash with {query} as input. In this case I call my script by using python myscript.py “{query}” so that I can get the argument with sys.argv[1]. My question is: what’s the point of argv as input mode? Is there a meaningful difference when I am working with Python? I know that Alfred recommends argv above {query} because with the first one you are not supposed to need worring about scaping the inputted query but I really don’t get it. If I call my script with python myscript.py “$1” I get the same result with sys.
  14. I also have the outdated version with the typo. Where I can download the latest version?
  15. I have got high CPU usage many times with update_cache.py:
  16. From what I know all Alfred 2 workflows are Alfred 3 compatible. What commands are you trying and what are you getting on debug console?
  17. It's more a problem with Packal Search and Packal Updater workflows, the website is there as you can see.
  18. You can find a big amount of workflows on Packal.
  19. UPDATE: I got eBay to work with ./searchio search ebay-us "$1" but Google Images doesn't work with ./searchio search google-images-en "$1". In the latter case I am getting this: [2017-03-03 00:20:41][ERROR: input.scriptfilter] Code 1: 00:20:40 workflow.py:2189 DEBUG Workflow version : 2.0.0-alpha1 00:20:40 workflow.py:1596 DEBUG Reading settings from `/Users/usuario/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Workflow Data/net.deanishe.alfred-searchio/settings.json` ... 00:20:40 workflow.py:2474 DEBUG Update check not due 00:20:40 cli.py:62 DEBUG args={'--help': Fal
  20. The .alfredworkflow file was not version 2 but 1.8.1 when I downloaded the developer branch .zip yesterday so I had to create a new workflow on Alfred Preferences with the source with no success. With the new .alfredworkflow file I could set up all searches successfully except Google Images and eBay (Google Maps aside) that seems to have a subtle different structure on Script Filter object: ./searchio search -e google-images -v en "$1" ./searchio search -e ebay -v de "$1" For Google Images I tried ./searchio search -e google-images -v pt-br "$1", ./searchio s
  21. I managed to fix the issue by simply changing the Open File object for a Open URL object in the workflow.
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