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  1. Hey deanishe, I am thinking about starting to use Notify.app in some workflows of mine. From what I understand, I have to "install" the app with workflow.notify.install_notifier() so it's copied to data directory. I don't see the best implementation for this. Should I write my script in a way it checks if Notify.app is present in data directory otherwise workflow.notify.install_notifier() is executed? I feel there's a better way.
  2. Had you not shortened the update interval of OneUpdater?
  3. Update (v2.5.1) Bug fix Fixed a bug in the batch optimization flow.
  4. Update (v2.5): Ability to track the optimization process Added script filter to track the optimization process by the keyword progress, especially useful for large files.
  5. I tried to use settings API of alfred-workflow and had some issues. In some tests the last line of the subprocess output was not added to settings.json file. Using "with statements" to write and open the files I had no issues. Is wf.settings somewhat slow or bad for using in loops? This is working well: proc = Popen(command, shell=True, stdout=PIPE) page_number = 1 while proc.poll() is None: line = proc.stdout.readline() if "SOURCE PAGE" in line: with open(file_page_number, 'w') as f2: f2.write(str(page_number)) page_number = page_number + 1
  6. Thank you, @deanishe. I had already read a similar solution here. My problem is my subprocess is executed from a Run Script object and I need the capability of invoking a Script Filter whenever I want to check the progress (what can happen multiple times in a single execution with large files) . How can I better achieve this? Should I write the output of the subprocess in a file and retrieve the data with the Script Filter or there is any better way?
  7. @deanishe The Optimize action of this workflow executes a subprocess called k2pdfopt. While running, this subprocess outputs the progress of the operation (tipically informing the conclusion of each page of the PDF file). Look: Since the operation can take a long time in larger PDF files it would be very neat to show the progress of the operation in Alfred bar, maybe invoking a Script Filter or something that can inform how many pages were processed. Do you know if it's possible to retrieve the output of the subprocess for this purpose?
  8. It works, but the calculator is a bit slow. Any chance to speed up?
  9. Not working for me: [2017-09-01 02:49:16][STDERR: input.scriptfilter] /Users/xxx/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.1831759F-4FB8-40C5-B097-A5D3D126312C/run.sh:12: command not found: insect
  10. In a non-English macOS "screen shot" is translated in accordance with the language.
  11. I don't know if it's your case but the workflow doesn't work if your default macOS language is not English.
  12. How can I use a environment variable in a Terminal Command object? I don't know how to print a environment variable. echo {query} works, echo $my_variable doesn't.
  13. @deanishe any plans to release the stable version of Searchio 2.0 in the near future?
  14. In my case I don't have Chrome installed so I had to delete the following code block to get it working properly: if proc = "Google Chrome" then tell application "Google Chrome" set active tab index of front window to tabIndex end tell end if
  15. Thank you! The auto-update feature is pretty awesome!
  16. How the workflow works? I don't get to do a search.
  17. I'm not happy. The most funny thing in this forum was reading your angry posts in nikivi's threads.
  18. I have the same problem. Would love to know if there is any fix.
  19. Hello @MuppetGate! I have created a python workflow to calculate working days. I could send it to you for implementing such feature in your much more comprehensive workflow.
  20. Update (v2.4.2): Bug fix Fixed a bug that could create empty output files when splitting or slicing certain PDF files.
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